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Yahoo Groups to New Site notice

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Well we have over 100 members moving over to the new board in one week. That's about 1/6th of the Groups total membership, and you got to figure that a lot of those people signed up just to look at the photos section.

Shortly after posting the new Tiki Central site I attempted to send an email-delivered announcment to all our Yahoo Groups members regarding the switch. I wrote up the email and hit send.

In typical Yahoo Groups fashion, I never recieved it in my email box. But since Groups is new to me, and I have never used that feature before, I was wondering:

Did ANYONE get an automated email from me mentioning the new group? If not I'm going to attempt to send another one.


I did.

I got mine a couple of days ago.

Yup, got it twice. Once on the day you sent it and then again 4 days later.


I got it and I don't ever remember joining "groups", just "clubs". Go figure?

Can someone who got it (and who has not yet deleted it) forward it to me?




Yes I received mine dated 3/24.

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