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Mahalo to All Who've Come Before!

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With all of the posts recently trending regarding things like inquiring where the OG core TC folks have gone, reminiscing over the good ol' days of TC's heyday, and speculations over its future, I wanted to make a quick little post to express my sincerest gratitude to all of the people who have contributed so much of the historic research, amazing bar builds, compiling/reporting latest happenings, provided such amazing mixology knowledge, and of course sharing all the amazing artworks and other talents. Basically the community that has made this forum the most concise hub of honest tiki info available possibly anywhere.

All my life I have had a great appreciation for retro kitsch and have always gravitated to its various stylings and trappings, but for some reason I came to embracing tiki and poly-pop later on in life, and for a johnny-come-lately neophyte like myself, this forum has simply been an extremely invaluable resource towards achieving a better understanding of this subject and I hope that you all know how much we appreciate all of the effort that y'all have put in to making it so.

I know that I have the benefit of having the rosy-eyed view of someone who was not around to experience any of the growing pains and interpersonal drama moments that create the ebb and flow of any online community but I just wanted to make sure that you guys knew through all of that, the folks who have arrived here after its "glory days" truly appreciate what you have built (even if it was never your intention to provide these resources to outsiders, latecomers, or tiki-greenhorns. I know how folks can be touchy about that as well.)

I also wanted to say how much I further appreciate all of the folks who are still around, or even just pop in occasionally, to still provide your expertise on the newer threads.

Thanks again!

With posts like this, it becomes apparent that not all the glory days of TC are behind it...

Hamo posted on Mon, Mar 27, 2017 7:18 PM

Hear, hear!

My thanks too to everyone who's built the TC community into the definitive online tiki resource, and to everyone who keeps it going.

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