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Forbidden Tiki paintings and other stuff

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Aloha - I have great admiration for the creativity dfisplayed on these pages. I've been hanging around this place for a few years and I'm building up to a show of some of my work at the end of the year over here in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. The following are some examples, hope they past the 'Is it tiki enough' test:

Less is Moai - Acrylic on canvass with black bamboo frame

Voodoo Dream - acrylic on canvass with black bamboo frame

Tiki carved from Hebel block

Loa Alanui Akua - acylic on canvass

Cocunut tiki clock - tiki bar clock where it's always 5 o'clock

Tiki bar clock

Me again - I thought I'd add that the black bamboo for the picture frames was harvested from the stand growing in our yard. It looks great in the garden and its handy for projects. Cheap too!


ThurstN- very cool


Definitely tiki enough! Good stuff!

Pages: 1 3 replies