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Seattle & Portland!

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This year for the family vacation we're spending a week in the Pacific northwest at the end of July. We're flying in to Seattle, spending a couple days there before heading down the Oregon coast for several days (eventually ending up in Coos Bay). We'll finish up with two nights in Portland.

Other than the obvious--visits to Hale Pele and Alibi are on our list for Portland--what are recommended tikiesque sites or experiences the local experts would recommend? Our last West Coast trip came several years ago, well before we discovered the joys of tiki, so we're starting with a fairly blank slate on this trip.

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*In Seattle you Must Go to the Diller Room http://www.dillerroom.com Justin Wojslaw is a Tiki Drink Magician :)
*In Tacoma go to Tacoma Cabana

Thank you very much, WooHoo! I'm just now seeing this but will check your recommendations out!

We are doing a similar trip in about 2 weeks flying in to Seattle then down to Portland and couple of days driving through Redding - and Petaluma on to San Francisco any tips for bars / vintage/ record shops and antique malls in Washington /Oregon state and any other good bars(Halle Pele is top of the list)

I just did a weekend trip to Seattle for a wedding. I don't have any Tiki advice but here's a mnemonic device to help you remember the street names of downtown Seattle "Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest" (Jefferson, James, Columbia, Cherry, Marion, Madison, Spring, Seneca, University, Union, Pike, Pine) :lol:

Ha! Well, we didn't get much tiki in Seattle--a Very Tacki Tiki Bar is a sports bar with various tiki trappings, and their "Mai Tai" is nothing more than pineapple juice with rum. The No Bones Beach Club (locations in Seattle and Portland) has very, very good food. It's a vegan place, but wow, it was outstanding. The drinks were mediocre, and it's more a beach themed place than a tiki place.

Portland was great. Hale Pele lives up to its reputation. Fantastic. Smaller than I expected, but everything you expect in a tiki bar. The Alibi, well, it just oozed history. The drinks were decent. Not great. Trouble is, despite all the history and decorations in the place, it's more of a biker bar during the day and a karaoke place at night. The atmosphere is all wrong. The 70s rock blaring (Foghat, Tin Lizzie, etc.) was sooooo problematic, as was the lottery/gambling machines that took up a good section of the place. It's worth visiting just to see the sights, but it makes you wish the folks running Hale Pele could take it over because it could be so much more.

We are currently in Tacoma packing to head to the North Shore Lagoon. Spent two wonderful nights at The Tacoma Cabana and is definately worth the trip. Jason and Amy rock. Check the hours though. Not open every night. There is an antique alley with maybe 10-15 stores varying in quality 2 blocks up the hill from there, with one shop in particular with a bunch of mid-century stuff.

Prickli Pear, I just realized this is an old thread :lol:

Sorry i refreshed rather creating a new one with similar stuff, Just wanted Seattle/Portland info also down all way to above Bay area

I've always felt old threads are valuable accumulations of knowledge. Someone reading this will know that No Bones Beach Club in Seattle or Portland has great food but lousy drinks and marginal atmosphere. And Seattle's Very Taki Tiki Bar is just a sports bar playing tiki dress-up for Halloween.

I'd almost want to add Shark Bites in Coos Bay to the list. It doesn't make any claim to being tiki--it's theme is more surf/beach--but there are a few marginal tiki elements there and the food's pretty good. I'd recommend it for those passing through.

On 2017-09-29 00:45, TIKIWAGON wrote:
Sorry i refreshed rather creating a new one with similar stuff, Just wanted Seattle/Portland info also down all way to above Bay area

Not your fault, I yadda-yaddad over too much :lol:

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