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Idaho tiki peeps interested in tiki party.

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Well this is a reach, but if there are any tiki peeps in Idaho in here, the wahine and I are having a tiki party on Fri. night just outside of Boise. We'll be having pork ribs and coconut shrimp as well as Chi chi's Missionary's downfall and other drinks. Anyone interested reply and I'll send directions etc.. There should be about 30 odd people there but it sure would be nice to have some fellow tiki freaks over as well.
Oh yeah, we'll be playing tiki tacky toa.

Whoops, shoulda' put this on events, though it's not that big of a happenin'.

On 2003-08-19 15:45, Sneakytiki wrote:

. . . Idaho . . .


[ Edited by: johnnievelour on 2003-08-19 18:29 ]

The KOD is a vet tikiest...well, at least I went to Palm Springs this year for the 3 day event...had a blast torturing all those "muffy and Biff" people. I should get some sort of honor for that...anyway, I'm in Meridiot..the name is Ron and how the hell are you?

good to know that tiki is alive, well, maybe in a coma, in Ideeeho...later gater..

"Muffy and Biff people"?

On 2003-08-20 14:20, floratina wrote:"Muffy and Biff people"?

Yeah! I resemble that remark!


Hey, I lived in Idaho for a while and let me tell you- I aint no ho.

I was up north (St.Maries) near CoeurD'Alene.
Saw alot of Totems, but never saw a Tiki.

Thx for the reply, I haven't been online in a few days so sorry for the tardiness of this post. I'll be sure to send u an invite to the next Tikirama. Meridian ain't far atoll (at all) -tiki humor...or not humor...
N' dose sayin' U da ho bouts my post, shiznat I'se duh pimp. An livin in da Gem ain't all bad, cus I'm goin' on a 6 day trip down duh Salmon in some white water raft wit'
my native American crew, So what about that!


On 2003-08-20 14:20, floratina wrote:
"Muffy and Biff people"?

Same as Hoity Toities, I think, but what do I know - I live in Chicago.

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