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The Myna Bird, Honolulu, HI (bar)

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Name:The Myna Bird
Street:2330 Kalakaua Ave
Phone:(808) 377-4402

Small and cute tiki bar situated in the "The Street" a multi restaurant concept located in the back side of the new International Market Place in Waikiki. Because of this concept, it is not a stand alone establishment that is inclosed for privacy, which is a requirement for a perfect tiki bar. But other than that, it has many other good traits for a proper tiki bar (hanging blow fish and glass float with fishnet lights, bamboo trim, tapa print, tiki mugs, etc). Small but a great stop to refresh oneself and get a little tiki charge.

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July 2018


We were at The Myna Bird last week several times. Both drinks and service were great! Andrew was a very gracious bartender.

I have been to the Myna Bird a couple of times. They make the most of what little space they have in the food court, but as far as I am concerned, it is the only place in Honolulu to get an authentic tiki cocktail. La Mariana Sailing club may have the decor, but Myna Bird has the drinks! Also great to see the show at the new International Marketplace and then stop in the Myna Bird for a drink.

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