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Home Depot TIKI Diablo 911!! Can I Save Him?

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So I was a bad parent and left my Tiki Diablo out in our ever so mild PNW winter thinking it wouldn't be a problem (hey it's meant too be outside right? ) well I started noticing the chipping early this spring. Any suggestions on what I should use to patch the broken areas, bondo? Concrete patch? Other...?
Thanks for looking, any help would be greatly appreciated!

I would think that any kind of wood putty would work but you would need to do a thin layer and let it completely dry before adding the next. You keep building it up until it is large enough to sand flat when dry. It can then be painted.

If you do layers that are too thick it will crack at is dries.

I use Elmer's wood putty that I get in the paint department at Home Depot.

Good luck. Wendy

I've had good results with wood putty on a wide variety of surfaces, but never tried on... what is that? Concrete? Fired clay? Ceramic? I'm not at all convinced the expansion of the different compounds would be compatible. Wood putty is easy to work with and may well work for you, especially if you're going to protect it from the elements. But something closer to the native material would probably be a better choice in the long run.

It kind of looks like a really fine concrete or cement, the chips kind of sound like that when they hit the ground (uhg! don't even get me started) But it could very well be fire clay,I have little to no experience with that material.
I guess I'm the first person to have this happen, or at least the first foolhardy enough to admit it! Lol


Any of the two-part epoxy puttys that you can get at the hardware store should be strong enough to patch that. JB Weld makes a line of putty that you can pinch off pieces of and use to patch that hole. Dap brand "Plastic Wood" would probably work as well and it's sandable. You should be able to sand the epoxy putty as well (i think), I just haven't used it in an area where i needed to sand it.

Another thought is a concrete patch. You could go to the concrete section of your hardware store and stare at the products there (that's what I do, LOL) and see if inspiration strikes. Sakrete makes a pre-mixed concrete patch that I recently used to fill some holes in my pool decking. It comes in a small bucket and was really easy to mix and use. That one is meant to fill 1/8 to 1" gaps. Sakrete makes another one called "Top N Bond" that is meant for 1/2 inch down to a "feather edge" which I have not tried yet. It might be the right texture to match your job.

I would probably go for the plastic wood or the concrete patch just because of the consistency. Those two products might be easiest to work into the spots you need to fill. Of course for the concrete patch you can mix to any consistency you like, however the thinner your mix it, the weaker it becomes when cured.

Yeah, mix it too wet and it won't stay where thou put it either. Looks like I'm headed to Lowes. I'll let everyone know how it works

Day 1:
So I went with the Quikrete Vinyl repair patch stuff because it had better reviews thank the Sika pre mix stuff.

Although I held the Plastic Wood by DAP in my hand for a long time. Results to be determined. Not sure if i got my mix right, it seemed like the right consistency.

Once I got him into the sunlight to work on him I started to notice that the damage was more extensive than I thought. Lots of pits and divots and lots of cracks emanating from those pits and divots.

I started trying to fill them as I came across them but I have a feeling that this is what I'm going to do; I'm going to get everything filled the way I want to, then give the whole thing a coat or two of Drylok hydraulic paint, then give him a whole new paint job. Maybe even fill the hollow cavity with great stuff spray foam insulation. Maybe that's overkill but... I dunno.

Anyway, we'll try again tomorrow

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New paint job?

This page might give you some ideas...
Good luck!


Thanks! I will definitely go back to that link when the time comes!

Okay, it's now day five, I think I had maybe one day I didn't add any on the build up, but as of today I'm about where I want things to be.

We'll see how things look tomorrow.

TU posted on Wed, Sep 13, 2017 6:29 AM

Any updates?

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