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Peagy posted on Wed, Aug 9, 2017 8:22 AM

Hi everyone!

My name is Per-Gustaf and I've been managing the only authentic Tiki Cocktail bar in Sweden for the past 3 years (coincidentally also called Tiki Room)

I am not sure if this forum is the best place to post about this but I wanted to share something with my fellow tiki enthusiast.
Having been managing the bar for quite a while now and absolutely dreading administrative work; such as scheduling and double checking that the time reports of my employees are correct. I took it into my own hands to develop an easy to use and flexible enough employee management app that is well suited for our dynamic industry.

After having developed it closely with about 50 other bars here in Sweden I want to share it as to help more managers or business owners out there that also prefer spending time with customers and employees. I don't spend more than 3 minutes a months on scheduling now for my team of 9 bartenders, and that includes schedule changes.

If you are interested I've just launched the app in open beta, so you can sign up and start using it for free :) - Only your email is required.
You can sign up on the website: http://stam.io

Do let me know if this is deemed an unworthy post for this forum, I only wanted to let you know of this as it would be awesome to help other tiki bars out there and I hope it can help others make their lives easier.

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