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Traveling to Hawaii in 1965

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I was thrift store shopping a couple of days ago, and ran across a Hawaiian record that looked promising. Problem is, the record was missing from inside the jacket. This seems to happen fairly often. Sometimes I find the rogue vinyl floating around 'au naturel' among the rest of the chaff. This time I wasn't so lucky. However, I decided to buy the empty record jacket anyways. Not because the album art was phenomenal or anything, but because it wasn't actually empty.

Looking inside where the record should be sitting cozy, was this interesting 1965 travel itinerary from a travel agency based in Hutchinson, Kansas. It was a two page description of a 9-day visit to paradise, complete with traditional luau and island hopping. It even has the prices listed.

Anyways, I thought it was an interesting find, and that some of you might enjoy seeing it.

First Page: http://pivotiki.com/travel1965a.jpg
Second Page: http://pivotiki.com/travel1965b.jpg

Smaller previews below...

  • Jeff

Hamo posted on Fri, Aug 18, 2017 8:38 PM

Thanks. That is a cool find; I would have picked it up, too, if I'd come across it. According to the inflation calendar, the trip was just over $4000 in today's dollars. I wonder how much of the itinerary could be replicated today.

A little bit of the album cover is visible; is it "Honeymoon in Hawaii" by Hilo Hawaiians? If so, Swanky's got the album available as a free download, if you want to hear what was on the record that should have been in the sleeve.



Thanks, that looks like the same cover. This one is missing all liner notes, so all I had to go on was the spine, which just says "Memories of Hawaii".

I'll download it soon!

Spectacular find!

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