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Wedding ideas Las Vegas

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Ditiki (one post wonder)evil step daughter of mrtikibar, is planning to get married next spring. It is shaping up as a Vegas deal. I personally have lobbied for locating at Palm Springs and The Tropics but I can understand the lure of Las Vegas for these young-uns. So... any advise on a beautiful, meaningful (reasonable)site for the rites? Thanks, mrtikibar


I would have loved to have gotten married by Elvis! The Torpicana has some cool sounding packages too. Here is a site that talks about hotels and their chapels.


I got married one time at the Tropicana Chapel and it was "cheap" and had a very tropical setting. I think "Elvis" will attend for an extra fee.

I will check out the Tropicana. Elvis, hmm...I could use tips on what to avoid also.
It gets a little overwhelming when she brings up the Bilagio website with the baroque music and everything. (Baroque as in broke.)


We got married at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chappel - with Elvis/Blue Hawaii ceremony.
(the one that Scotty just mentioned)
It was a lot more fun than we expected.
BTW, The video was crappy, but the pictures were good. Elvis even wore a yarmuka for us...We stayed at the Treasure Island, eventhough we were entitled to stay at the viva las vegas room.
It all depends on what they want out of it...I say if doing it Vegas, have "Elvis" marry you and make it a fun (yet cheesy) experience. After all, isn't that what Vegas is all about?


i second and third the notion of the viva las vegas theme weddings. what's the point of doing vegas without doing it the vegas way.

if she wants to go bellagio - you may as well book at the most expensive wedding factories in your own home town and save on hotel bills by sleeping at home.

I hear ya. Believe me, the Bellagio is not on the table. These websites should give them some nice ideas. Thank ya, thank ya very much.

Ha! This is embarrassing. I went to the Little White "Drive Thru" Wedding Chapel on another marriage in Vegas. Its very convenient though...drive your car up to the window, give them $40 and PRESTO.
I gotta quite going to Vegas. Seems like everytime I go I get married.

Graceland Chapel is where I got hitched.

I had blast


Tomarrow, Aug. 23rd, is the anniversary of my Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel in Vegas, baby, Vegas. We had a blast. I would highly recommend the whole Elvis thing, but its not for everyone of course.

On 2003-08-22 19:30, TikiGoddess wrote:
I would highly recommend the whole Elvis thing, but its not for everyone of course.

Hell, I respect your advice, but I’m just freakin workin on marriage in general. :)

Hey there, MrTikiBar! I'm behind on my posts, but a late congrats to you on the upcoming nuptials of your lovely daughter! I'd say it calls for a toast! When are you available?

My sister-in-law is getting married in Vegas in October at the JW Marriott resort (WAAAY off-strip, and I'm guessing pretty pricey, knowing her), but here's how this little tidbit helps you: Maggie and I have been tapped for decorating duty, which means we'll likely be making a lot of Vegas contacts for wedding stuff. I would like nothing better than to pass on any knowledge I gain from this experience to you. And, since we're gonna be there for a week, I'd even be more than happy to scout for you, my friend, if you have a list of places you'd like me to check out.

And I'm serious about that toast, too... Call me.

My wife and I got hitched during The Las Vegas Grind In '99. We got married at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and had the Blue Hawiian package complete with Elvis and Hula Dancers. They decked the Chapel out in a Polynesian motif complete with palm trees. Elvis sang the Hawaiian Love Song and of course ended it up with ...you guessed it "Viva Las Vegas" Baby! Is seems like only yesterday!

I read in one of my Vegas tourbooks that there is a chapel that hires out limo and minister to drive you up to the Mirage and marry you in front of the volcano as it erupts (complete with the piped in jungle drums in the background). If I can ever talk hubby into renewing our vows in Vegas I think I might go that way.

My recommendation would be to celebrate the nuptuials at the Venetian, a very stylish and classy resort casino.

Say I do while cruising on the white Gondala at the Venetian. (The Venetian employs its own minister, although Elvis also is available).

Even the basic rooms at the all-suite Venetian are captivating, but get one facing the strip for the light show.

Thereafter, have a lovely dinner at one of the Venetian's resturants, or if numerous guests are attending, at the Canaletto (taco) resturant overlooking the canal.

Finally, finish the evening carousing a the Venetian tiki bar Taboo Cove and dancing at Venus.

Brunch the next morning at the Flamingo which has dinning overlooking the flamingo-filled lagoon.


Centralites, thanks again for all your thoughts on Vegas Weddings. Maxton, we should get together and catch up on things. I've been away for a while but would like to hear about your Vegas deal and your trip north. I'll be in touch.

One final thank you for all the Vegas Wedding advice. Looks like it will happen at The Flamingo during spring break. I was pushing for the Tropicana as many of you had good things to say about it but unfortunately, it was booked.
Also, Tikimaxton, if you haven't already headed down there, and if you have time to do some scouting, that would be very cool and appreciated.

I recommend the Little Chapel of the West. Cool old building (by Vegas standards) at the end of the strip. Pretty popular with celebs too!

The Flamingo has a very pleasant ambience: Flamingo fountain, bird area, stream, waterfalls, rose garden and, of course, a statute of Bugsy.

The chapels are nice, too.

You will have a lovely time.

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