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How about sharing any good Tiki/Polynesian/Hawaiian/Island related books you know of. These could be south seas stories (non-finction & fiction), history, culture, tiki carving, art, superstition & legends, etc. I've listed autobiographical stories by Robert Dean Frisbie (Island of Desire, Island of Puka Puka) and Tom Neale (Island to One's self) in other posts. Let's hear of some others and your comments and opinions.


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I'd recommend Aku Aku The Secret of Easter Island by Thor Heyerdahl. It's got it all, adventure, archeology, scary caves, evil spirits, and tikis of course. And humor, the chapter where the Mayor of Easter Island meets the dignitaries on the Chilean warship is a scream.

From a psychosocial perspective, you may want to read Margaret Mead's "Coming of Age in Samoa" or "Growing up in New Guinea".

They make for a very interesting read on the social & sexual development of "primitive" cultures.

I don't know if I agree with her but nonetheless an interesting read.


This earlier thread covered a lot of the works in the James Michener catalog:


More south seas sex of a sort found in Bengt Danielsson's "Love in the South Seas."


I would also recommend "Aku Aku" by Heyerdahl, as well as "Kon Tiki" which is probably his best known work. If you're into Hawaiian history, there's a book called "Shoal Of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands" by Gavan Daws. It covers Hawaii from Cooks visit until statehood. There's also a book called "Hawaiian Historical Legends" by William Westervelt that goes into lots of detail about the legends of some of the gods and how the stories came to be.


Eric Knudsen was a writer/lawyer/politician who grew up and lived in Kauai with his pioneer father.

He has a collection of short stories.


Mutual publishing has a lot of historical/novella/insight books about Hawaiian culture.

"Teller..." makes a great "story-time" for the bar.


For Polynesian languages check out:


Yippee A'Kai Yay!

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