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Carving Traditional Figures, Iconography, Research References?

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I tried to find other threads that address this, and there must be some, but I couldn't find quite the answers I'm looking for.

I'm beginning plans to carve some tikis, but I'm a stickler for realism and I'm looking for reference material on the original temple figures.

I know about the four Coco Joe's iconic figures, and have read that "Coco Joe" was basically winging it when he named them, with the possible exception of Ku. I know about the reunion of the three Ku's back in 2010, and have read what little I could find online about them, as well as various grave finds of stick-figures.

What I'm looking for is a detailed resource for identifying the iconographic characteristics of the different gods, and what they mean or depict. For example, I read that Ku's knobby hair—which seems pretty obviously braids or dreads—were supposedly "stylized pig's heads", even though none of the three extant figures depict anything at all like pig heads. So apparently something they knew about Ku led to that conclusion. And those big, jagged, triangular "eyes" on Lono and Kane; and the tall radio-tower-y headdress thingy... what's all that about?

So, I'm looking for scholarly reference materials. Or is it really as simple as "Coco Joe made it all up, and now we can pretty much do what we want"?

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