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Designing Custom Aloha Shirts?

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Does anybody have experience with designing and printing completely custom aloha shirts similar to those done for John Lasseter with Pixar? There are lots of companies that will print logos on already designed shirts, but I'm looking for total control of all the graphics. I spoke to Reyn Spooner, and their minimum is 500 for this type of project. I'm looking for closer to 50-100 shirts. Any advice?

Similar to some of these: https://geekdad.com/2015/08/john-lasseter-collection/

Depends on how involved you want to be. You can design a fabric, submit it to Spoonflower and sew (or have someone else sew) your shirt(s).

You can also check with Sophista-Tiki/Dawn Frasier and she can custom make something


a lot of times on small runs of materials, they'll actually sublimate the fabric (for cost) - drawbacks are that this would be an all polyester or nylon - they can't sublimate onto natural fibers - the benefit would be that you wouldn't need to have a whole run of material made - you could do one shirt as a prototype

Pages: 1 2 replies