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UPDATE: Tickets sold out in 48 hours, sponsorships and event mugs still available.

http://www.atlantatikitour.com/ for full details and tickets
Limited to 55 persons.
Sponsorships available.

Announcing the Atlanta Tiki Homebar Tour! February 24th, 2018. Join us for our inaugural inuhele (cocktail tour) as we visit some of Atlanta’s best tiki-fied houses for cocktails. During this daylong event, we’ll spend an hour at each of four different fabulous homes, ending at Trader Vic’s Atlanta. What better way to admire other people’s collections, get inspiration for your own tiki room, and get to know fellow tikiphiles?

A day trip into the wilds of themed homes, generous cocktail-slinging hosts, and exotic carvings, music, and fun. Join us on 55 person tour bus (with bathroom) as we visit a Lanai, Voodoo Outpost, Lounge, and Enchanted Treehouse before ending at Trader Vic's Atlanta.

All our castaways will recieve our mysterious swag bag, full of mysterious delights.

With your ticket purchase, you’ll get:
Bus transportation with live musical entertainment for the full day!
Entrance to all four homes!
Refreshments supplied by our gracious hosts!
Loot Bag!
Mai Tai and tidbits at Trader Vic's!

All Things Designed.

[ Edited by: Tiki-Atari 2017-11-12 16:39 ]

Well, bummer. The Enchanted Treehouse is the only one with a Critiki entry. I'm envious to see all the cool home bars you folks will be enjoying!

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