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Tiki friends in North Central Florida

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Hello, not scheduling any particular event, but if any tiki central members live in the North Central Florida area, would love to hang out. I have a small home bar that looks pretty good, still working on it. I make all the classic cocktails, but don’t really have any tiki friends in this area. My wife enjoys it some, but not as hard-core as I do. Reach out if you ever stop in the Ocala area, would love to hang out. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It may be something of a drive, but the folks here in Brevard are pretty active and social. Check out the Brevard Tiki Facebook page. My cocktail company, The Straw Hat Barmen, are planning a couple of tiki-themed cocktail events in the new year.

Jacksonville has a tiki scene, and a Facebook page. Me and the missus are out in the Ocala area every once in a while and I will remember to give you a shout. Please give us a shout if you know you're going to be in the Northeast part of Florida. Cheers!

Thanks guys! I love Brevard county, We try to get over to cocoa beach a couple times a year. I was fortunate enough to even meet Wayne Coombs at the Mai Tiki gallery if you years ago before he passed. I was able to purchase a couple of pieces from him that are in my collection and lounge. Jacksonville is a cool area too, love Amelia Island in Saint Augustine. I heard that new bar in Jacksonville Beach cannon and flask actually makes very good cocktails.

Your experiences parallel mine -- Brevard has a good scene, and I try to get down there as often as I can. The Straw Hat Barmen rock the county! I also met Wayne and bought some stuff from him for my bar. And you're right about Flask and Cannon. They are proof, again, that tiki is back in Northeast Florida, although they do cater to a wider audience than just tiki.

If you're ever up here in the Jacksonville area, give me a holler!

Absolutely! I also want to try Aku Aku in Orlando, A little light on the tikis , but the decor looks pretty good for a small place, I heard the drinks are very good. Let me know if you’re ever in the Ocala area, would love to hang out and make you a cocktail.

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