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Outrigger canoe bar

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Soooo, I found this boat on the side of the road. It had been dumped with some other trash & was broken into 2 pieces and the rails were split. So of course, I threw it in the back of the truck and took it home. It took some time, but I was able to patch it back together & get it painted. The plan is to mount a bar top to my retaining wall & place the outrigger against the fence as a planter/ice chest. Not sure if I should add the outrigger arm. Anyone want to float(pun intended) some ideas this way?

Great find! I have thought about making one for a hanging planter but haven't done it yet. Just my opinion but I think the arm and outrigger are integral parts


The things that people will throw away never ceases to amaze me. Nice job on fixing her up!

Great find-great job

Still a work in progress. Can't wait until the plants fill in. The bar folds down flat under the canoe. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the outrigger arm work in the tight space.

Looks great! I still think the outrigger adds a nice touch but I can see how it would be difficult to add and still have a functioning bar

omg wanna sell it?????

On 2019-07-31 10:31, Pele Paul wrote:
omg wanna sell it?????

That would be a no. If I find another one I'll let you know. Oceanic arts sells them, but they are not cheap.


$1200.00 to be exact.


Awesome job! Your backyard looks inviting. Well maybe except for the piranhas :D

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