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Cultjam got me inspired to make a small change to Mail message delivery.

On any mail-delivered Reply, there are now two links in the Mail that will take you to the message. The first one is "View this topic:" which works just like before. It takes you to the start of the topic.

The other is "View this reply:" and it is the new feature. It takes you to the topic, but links to the message starting with the reply you're viewing. This makes it easy to jump to the end of a topic and read forward.

Let me know what you think!


PS, this only applies to the people who get email delivered via EMail message delivery


Hanford, thanks so much. This makes the email message delivery work great. Ok, for me at least. And it's all about me you know.....

: )

  • Lisa (the other one stuck in Phoenix, no Fabulous East Indies Room, no Exotica for me BOO HOO!)

For a day I had it only displaying the current message on (no way to see the whole message) and for single page topics, there was no way to "show all" on TC, so I added both. I may tweak it again, too.



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Pages: 1 4 replies