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Used rope for decoration. Straight off a Movie star!

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The ship HMS Surprise, star of Master and Commander & POTC On Stranger Tides is getting all new rigging. The old line(rope)is weathered and no longer safe for holding any weight, but it looks great & would be perfect for decoration of a bar or yard. We are going to sell it for $20 a coil(obo). All proceeds will be used to continue to refurbish the ship. The coils are about 100 feet (some longer/some shorter) each and are 3/4 to 7/8 inch thick. No shipping, pick up in San Diego only. Thanks.

Great tip, thanks


Damn that is a great deal.

You can use this for making fences and rails too.
Rope is not cheap and you don't want to use the new stuff anyway.


One more thing if you go to San Diego and don't go to the ship museum that is there well ya cheated yourself.


While you are there get this book too...

That is an awesome rail!

Forgot to mention... ...reply to this post or email [email protected] if you're interested.


Search rope fence for even more ideas.

I would buy LOTS of this rope if I were not in Ohio getting snowed on right now.

A damn small ball of twine is $9.00 bucks.


Did anybody here buy some of this rope?

Sure did! Got two coils of it.

Wish they offered shipping. Are there any coils left? Maybe I can get someone to pick some up for me...

I think there may be one or two left. We have 2 more masts to down rig, but the project has been put on hold. Right now all work and $$ is going to the Berkley restoration. So, good news, there will be more, bad news, I don't know when. If anyone will be in town, we're sailing the Star of India Nov. 17&18. She doesn't go out often , so def worth checking out if you can. Happy Tiki Tuesday peeps!


Dirty Jobs 419 Tar Rigger, Star of India.



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Hey guy who wanted rope this is the type of thread that you look for to find rope. See I told you it was here.

Now did he sell it all? Man, if I was close by I would have jumped on it.


"there will be more,"

Get with this guy heck that was 4 years ago maybe there is more.


Now, about the rope... ...due to my real job getting in the way, I am no longer volunteering at the Museum. They are always doing maintenance and it is possible they will have some from time to time. The only thing I can say is contact The Maritime Museum of San Diego, Phone: (619-234-9153), www.sdmaritime.org. You might have a better chance if you go down there.

Bummer! I'm just now seeing this. Master and Commander is hands down one of my all time favorite movies!

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