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We thought there should be a thread for home bars that are not on TC for whatever reason.

If you find one, add some links and pics to this thread...

We were going to start with one that used to be on TC, The largest home Tiki bar allowed by law aka TikiMaxon's place aka Castaway Cove, but thanks to Bloody Good it's back on TC again.

We're still hoping someone who knows Basement Kahuna can get him to bring the Kon Tiki Paradise Room back to the site.

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Here's one we just discovered the other night:

The Monkey Hut

(Like TikiMaxon's, it's also a home bar in Portland, OR. Are we picking up a theme here? Something going on in Oregon that makes people disappear off TC?)

We think it's called The Monkey Hut In Exile now (possibly a second location or incarnation?), and it looks pretty sweet. Critki's Humuhumu broadcast live there last July, and watching these clips entertained us greatly from our position with a couple of Fog Cutters at the Don the Beachcomber table in the Treasure Island Room. The owners seem like really nice people that we could have all kinds of great discussions with about exotic libations ... they've done a lot of creative stuff in their bar, too, as shown in those clips on the link, which makes us wonder why they're not on TC.

But wait, they were! Just not the bar ... it's the creation of longtime TC member
Melintur, who hasn't been around these parts since 2012, several months before the Mayan calendar ran out. But in ten years of activity here, the home bar was never mentioned. It's a pretty great looking place! He does run a tiki-related site worth visiting: http://www.coloneltiki.com/

The Monkey Hut was featured in the inflight mag for Hawaiian Airlines back in Aug 2016, in a good article about "Basement Bora Boras" (not to be confused with Bora Boris, who probably should not be randomly appearing in your basement).

A few other random pics:



Was the Monkey Hut the home bar of the Munktiki folks? If so, I think it's gone. The home was put up for sale in 2017 and they relocated to Astoria. I could have all that wrong, as I'm not a PNW resident.

I, too, wish there were more home bars represented here, or at least on Critiki. Either a lot of people prefer anonymity or they just can't be bothered.


Hi everyone,

I haven't been gone! I've been working behind-the-scenes and am actually a bit … shy. I have had quite a rough few years recently and I'm poking my head out to see if the 'rain' is gone…

The version of the 'Hut that you posted is no more; rather - it has improved. A tiki bar is never finished as we all know.

Here's the current version. I am considering sharing the work on the current installations and improvements - would y'all be interested?

(Main influences: Disneyland; Beachcomber's Aloha Room @ May Fair Hotel, London UK.)

Craig 'Colonel Tiki' Hermann


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Swanky posted on Sat, Feb 2, 2019 6:17 AM

Kon Tiki Paradise Room November 2003 by Basement Kahuna


Melintur, yes we would be interested to see the improvements.


A funny coincidence - mike and marie posted here on April 4, 2018 asking about The Monkey Hut. This picture below is from April 3, 2018 - one day before when the tear-down of the old installation started. I'll get a new topic going on soon - I have a bunch of pics to sort through!

Craig 'Colonel Tiki' Hermann


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Looking forward to seeing the new build, Craig!


You know you can go to one of the real estate search services such as Zillow and enter "Tiki bar" as a search term.

Beware though as some realtors definition of "tiki" and "bar" should be criminal to say the least.


On 2019-02-02 08:41, Melintur wrote:

This chair looks just like the ones at the Kahiki bar.


Here's a few of ours.
Is on here kind of.

Such a wreck now we did not even have mike and marie over the few times we met.
Went way back in early 2000 to see some home bars in California and one had a ton of stuff in it not in such a good way like our house now.
but I thought damn what a shame it could be so cool.

Now I did the same thing.
Collect so much cool décor that it's not even presentable.

More of an all house thing.
These are from Sabina and her husband on "the Lounge of the Seven Pleasures" Photo Gallery.
LOTS of old bar pics here....


Here’s some shots of the old KTPR.. Guests and parties along the way. It was a fun place for sure.

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Basement Kahuna!!! Long time, no see!

!!!! Aloha

A funny coincidence - mike and marie posted here on April 4, 2018 asking about The Monkey Hut. This picture below is from April 3, 2018 - one day before when the tear-down of the old installation started.

Love this 'coincidence'... in quotes because these things do seem to happen for a reason... in any event, this is the first time we're coming back to this thread after posting back in 2018. Very cool pics and info, everyone!

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