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Tiki Gardens Postcards on ebay, that aren't...

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I've noticed several items on ebay where people are printing up postcards or photos using images from the Florida Photographic Collection.

As far as I can tell these images are the property of the FPC. My main reason for reaching this conclusion is that they sell the images themselves.

I've contacted them, but haven't heard back yet. The FPC was gracious enough to allow me to use their images on the Memorial, as long as it was a non profit site. Which it remains.

So I'm going to ask TikiCentralites to think twice about bidding on these items.



For anyones interest, you buy the images from the FPC. If I recall correctly, in either near postcard size, and 8x10!!!

Heres the Tiki Gardens Collection url,


and heres how to order.


Its funny how people got their knickers in a twist over the cd ....


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