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Phil Moore - Polynesian Paradise : nice digital copy?

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Aloha all!
Recently got turned on to this amazing album and was wondering if anyone knew of a nice, clean (reasonably) copy of this album available digitally for download anywhere? I found one but it is low bit rate and pretty noisy.
Thanks for any help!

Trader Gino


I have a download of this I got off of Xtabay's blog some twelve to fifteen years or so ago. It's pretty good, but I no longer have the album scans. I was using dial up then and it took over four hours for one thirty minute album to download. I could put it on a thumb drive (send one) maybe if you can't find it elsewhere. I have a poop load of stuff from that site and others that I could include, so if you need anything else on there, holler.
If you'd like it on a cd-r I could just send you one. I use Windows media so there might be a slight loss of harmonics to purists. Send me a private response with your address. There's usually room for a second album on a cd-r also, so again, just ask.

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Thanks so much bedhead!


This is a pretty good album begging for a CD release. Someone posted the entire album on Youtube. If you're clever you can dupe it off and separate the tracks and... voila!

MrFab posted on Mon, May 7, 2018 1:25 PM

Go here:


type in "Phil Moore," and scroll way down for the tracks from Paradise. You will have to download each track individually, just click on "download" to the right. Don't know if it's the complete album.

Wasn't familiar with this album, but I'm listening to these tracks now - nice!


Hey Mr. Fab,
That site is a gold mine. Just lost an entire evening hunting!
Here's the front and back album covers for anyone looking.

Hamo posted on Tue, May 8, 2018 10:27 PM

This is a great album. Thanks too for the tip on the website (where I was able to find another elusive album I’d been curious to hear). Interesting though, that the sleeve calls track 5 “Pearls of Paradise” but there it’s called “Pearls of Palmyra”, which matches this image of a label from Discogs.

Thanks for the heads-up on those downloads Mr Fab!

Thanks to everyone for all the help!

On 2018-04-14 14:21, bedhead wrote:
I have a download of this I got off of Xtabay's blog some twelve to fifteen years or so ago.

Whatever happened to Xtabay's blog? I downloaded a lot of music from Xtabay. I rip my own vinyl to digital but Xtabay was a great place to get digital versions of albums I couldn't find on eBay or in thrift stores.


Polynesian Paradise has been in my top 10 Exotica albums for a long time - I can’t recommend it enough.
It was never released on CD as the Master-tapes were damaged.
It got a CD release in Japan in 2006, which consisted of 6-tracks from the 1/4” master and the remaining 6 from an excellent needle-drop of a pristine copy of the original Stereo album.
Here is some information from the Japanese CD :

Source Information - EM-Records (Japan) EM1057CD Stereo 2006.

This recordings originally issued on STRAND RECORDS [SLS 1004] in 1959.
Track 3,6,7,9,10,11 taken from original 1/4 inch tape, others taken from Vinyl Source.
CD Mastered by Koichi Hara with Koki Emura at Magic Hour Studios, 2006.

I hope this information is useful for interested parties.


I love this record! I need it on vinyl but it's hard to find in EU and cost is high. Hope one day to find a good one copy.

It would be nice they make a reissue

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A CD of this album has indeed been reissued in Japan officially. It appears that not all the original Master tapes exist or were not all in good enough condition because all but a few tracks are said to be from the masters. The CD was only issued in Japan and is now out of print for several years. So it is extremely difficult to find. It took me 4 years to track down a copy.

I don’t know if anyone is still looking for this but I found a copy of a stereo LP in 320 bps. Unfortunately it’s a Russian site so please be on your guard! However, it’s a good way to hear it while you’re waiting to find that elusive LP or CD.


If posting Russian sites of hard to find LPs is against tiki central rules, I’ll happily remove this.

Thanks, looks like you can download the MP3s also (I would run a virus scan on them of course)

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