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Mobile tiki office/cave/bar mostly complete :-)

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Hi all, here is my mobile Tiki environment for beach days and car show days. I plan to work from this vehicle at the beach some days, so a mobile tiki office during the week, and a small tiki bar on the weekends at events and in my driveway. It even comes with it's own beach, 12 bags of sand (600 pounds of sand) on the floor. I may be going to Hukilau for a day or two being that I live in Florida, but 5 hours away. Is there a car show by chance at this event that anyone knows of? Anyway, I will be changing out the bamboo wall and rear door decor as i find more interesting pictures and carvings. I am also trying to figure out how to display some of my mug collection safely but that may not be possible, still thinking on this one. I replaced the cheesy tiki mask on the rear door with my fist award from my first car show after I completed this project 2 weeks ago. I hope this is okay to post here.

Palm Harbor, Florida

New Rear door Tiki first place trophy replaced the cheap cheesy mask :)

[ Edited by: mooney 2018-04-23 08:39 ]

Wow! That is outstanding!

Now you need to stage a coast-to-coast tiki road trip! :)

Ok, this is the coolest van I've ever seen. I follow a lot of van accounts on social media but this is by far my favorite. The sand just puts it over the top. I don't know how you don't just live in here.


Thank you! I do spend a lot of time in it, even just in the driveway while working from home. The only problem, I have to resist drinking too many adult beverages while working in the TikiVan :)

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My dream vehicle when I was growing up (in the 80s) was a full-sized black Chevy van with a wizard painted on the side. Now my dream vehicle is your tiki van!!!

This has got to be the coolest van conversion I've seen. Well done, sir!


HA! I love it Mooney!
The interior is really cool and looks well done. Surfboard styled table, dope!I like the bamboo trim work, matting and even the seagrass skirting looks good.
You're right, once you get some more authentic looking Tikis, I think the look will change and it will be a pretty classy area. I like the black table up front.
It's a good contrast.
Would love to see this roll up at any show I'm at!!

Great work!!

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