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Poly Pop, Lake Jackson, TX (bar)

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Name:Poly Pop
Street: 104A This Way Texas 77566
City:Lake Jackson
Phone: (979) 292-8340

This a new Tiki bar and restaurant in Lake Jackson, TX. It's about 50 miles south of Houston near the uppercoast surfing mecca of Surfside Beach.


New tiki bar in Lake Jackson, Texas called......wait for it..........Poly Pop


I drove by last week and they were putting the finishing touches on it!

Oh, their Mai Tai description... :cry:


Um.........i tried to go this weekend and it was not open yet? it looked like some of the decor wasn't finished and maybe they were training bartenders?

maybe next week


Well.......its finally open
So far it passes the sniff test
Somebody worked really hard at keeping it tiki but appealing to a modern crowd
They are fairly crowded on day 2 happy hour and it took a few to get served but worth it
I am drinking a Harvey....named after the recent hurricane....duh
Efficient well trained bar tenders...this is not a dive bar
Pics are forthcoming
Decor is tapa and some rustic wood light nautical
Music is modern pop reggae
So far it aint totally authentic but it aint bad cheers

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We were gonna try it Friday night, but had to get home. Maybe this week we'll get a chance. I had a Facebook conversation with a manager. Asked about their mai tai's and if they can make a 1944/Trader Vic version. He knew what I was talking about which gives the place 2 stars already


because of the fire codes, they had to remove some decor prior to opening like a thatched awning over the bar and a wall of dried flowers

i plan on going back this weekend for more exploration of the drink and food menu cheers!

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