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Aloha everyone, My name here is GypsyTiki, I'm in New Orleans, living in the Funkyfunky Bywater neighborhood with all the artists musicians,retro maniacs, and vintage enthusiasts of all descriptions. I support myself with my painting so Pleeeze forgive me, I apologize in advance if you are offended by my offers anywhere on this site to sell my Tiki Art Wares to you.
I'm trying not to become an inadvertant spammer, so I'll just tell you now, if I show it to you in a post or in a gallery,it's probably available for shipping.
Otherwise, I hope you find it inspiring. Pele is smiling on me right now, and I'm one grateful starving artist. Feel free to ask me questions or give me feedback. Yikes! Surf's up on Lake Pontchatrain-Gotta run! -Robin :)

GECKO posted on Mon, Aug 25, 2003 5:39 PM

Aloha Gypsy,
welcome to da home of starving artist. Great place to learn lotz about da images you paint. There's a post specificly for our local TC artist. I don't know how to search for that post though. Go check'em out.

The post is called "Pics, Pics, Pics of Tiki Paintings." It's on the 3rd page at the bottom of the "Main Discussion Area" page.

Now it's at the top!

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Aloha and thank you for the nice welcome. I am still finding my way around these threads, so thanks for the directions...hope we get to share more info as time goes by. There are so many talented people on this site. I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone does. It's very impressive. Starving artists abound here in N.O. but we band together! Hopefully it willbe the same here at TC. Mahalo

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