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Name:Topaz Lanai Apartments
Street:3012 Topaz Lanes

12 unit apartment complex built in 1964 with soaring A Frame's in Fullerton, CA near the corner of Yorba Linda Blvd and Placentia Ave.


Stopped for a cup coffee this morning and while walking back to the car, noticed a big A Frame on an apartment building across the street. I begin wondering if anyone had previously documented it on TC and decided I needed to check it out case someone hadn't already done so. Not a mention of it on TC so here I go...coffee in one hand, cell in the other.

I found it to be pretty run down and the sign out front had been tagged a few times...

Lots of overgrown tropical foliage hides A Frame's at the front of the building...

and signs of former palm trees were in many places too...

which would have been a nice addition to the three big A Frame's on the property, this one on the left side...

at the buildings main entrance...

and in the courtyard, all three having outrigger's similar to this one at one time.

Then suddenly, the property manager approached me and it was time to leave. How I would have loved to see the place in all it's former 1964 glory!

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