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Post Hukilau Road trip

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Hi We are flying over for the Hukilau and are doing a road trip up through Florida and on to New Orleans then back to Miami, We leave Hukilau on Sunday afternoon and head up to Tampa area and in morning do Weeki Wachi and Don Garlit's drag racing museum and on to Tallahassee that night, Then a days drive to New Orleans for a couple of days back across to Saint Augustine area/Daytona/Cocoa beach/Ormond beach etc then back, I know of the Tiki bars to go to(main reason is to go to Latitude 29)and i have just read the New Orleans thread but wanted to know of good Vintage/thrift/Antique and record store tips also any remaining 50's/60's roadside attractions worth seeing our journey, Not really bothered about the main tourist stuff

Not a whole lot in this area, but if you find yourself stopping in the Cocoa Beach/Space Coast area, we have a pretty active crowd of folks with great home tiki bars where you might be able to get a Mai Tai or two...

Okay that sounds great!

Sounds like a great road trip. If you are going through St. Pete, Bananas is a record store that advertises itself as having 3.5 milion lps. It certainly has a huge warehouse full (great Italian market right across the street btw). Just down the highway in Indian Rocks Beach we went to the Indian Rocks Beach Historical Museum. It's only open later in the week though. We picked up some of their old displays they used there featuring Tiki Gardens. They also had Tiki Gardens post cards for sale. You can also genuflect at the site of the Tiki Gardens just north of there. Have an awesome trip and enjoy the Hukilau.

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That record store looks interesting Is there anything of Tiki Gardens left to look at or is it a parking lot like all other old stuff!

Sadly just a parking lot. We did a similar road trip last Feb. visiting friends who winter in Indian Rocks Beach (yes we Canadians use winter as a verb) after Ft. Lauderdale, Disney, and then on to NOLA. Have a great trip and enjoy The Hukilau. We'll be there somewhere. Hard not to have a good time.

Thanks we will be trying to go to waterworks in Tallahassee after Tampa, Are there good areas near there that bare a cab ride/walkable to stay

I'm of no help to you there at all. You'll need help from a local for that. Only really familiar with St. Pete / St. Pete Beach area from various visits to family over the years and recently visiting friends in Indian Rocks Beach.

Thanks I have messaged Waterworks tiki bar and they have gave me some tips, must meet up at Hukilau

If you are coming down the east coast, Flask and Cannon in Jacksonville is a world-class cocktail destination. You should make a point of checking them out at Hukilau!


Will try too to do this if time permits

TikikWagon, you may already be aware that there are two Tiki Bars in the building that houses Lat 29. Lat 29 is my favorite but next door and up stairs is Tiki Tolteca. Well worth a visit or two.
Have a wonderful time.


Yes i am aware and will visit both, Thanks

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