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Dromedary Bar - Urban Tiki, Brooklyn, NY (bar)

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Name:Dromedary Bar - Urban Tiki
Street:266 Irving Ave
Phone:(347) 715-4255

Located on a corner in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, Dromedary Bar is a one-room space, with some outdoor seating. The bar was opened by Michael Lombardozzi in 2016. Gothamist refers to the decor as "casually Hawaiian-inspired". There are some tiki displayed on the bar, and geeki tiki mugs are prominent on shelves behind the bar counter. Photos taken from the bar's website

The menu features 12 signature tiki cocktails, which include classics such as the zombie, but also in-house creations. The food menu is pub grub: burgers, sandwiches, and fried potatoes in many forms.

Dromedary Bar hosts frequent events, including weekly standup comedy, trivia nights, and karaoke. As of June 2018, the bar still hosts a monthly burlesque show.

From Dromedary's website:

DROMEDARY BAR is a watering hole located in the ever-changing, old-New York neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn that offers precisely executed tiki-style cocktails in a relaxed island-meets-industrial space; what we like to refer to as "Urban Tiki".

With a delicious signature drink menu focusing on our versions of traditional tiki cocktails, as well as a subtle tiki-culture aesthetic, Dromedary Bar is a unique addition to the area's nightlife scene.

And, more than a bar, Dromedary is an event space featuring monthly burlesque shows, comedy shows, a drink'n'draw night, live music, weekly trivia & karaoke nights, movie screenings, and many special parties & fundraisers.

Our kitchen is run by Chef Decadent Dale Buchheister, whose elevated bar fare food menu is a perfect fit for Dromedary's relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere, featuring a slew of nightly specials, housemade accoutrements, and on-premises smoked meats and vegetarian options.

Stop in and experience Dromedary for yourself. You will not be disappointed!



I created the topic because I didn't see one that already existed for this location. I've only visited once so far, but I had a good time. My lady and I arrived early on Friday (around 4:30 or 5), and the bar was essentially dead. We were able to look around and order drinks and an appetizer without any wait. We sat outside initially for our first round. By the time we finished the appetizer (fries) and had our first drinks (the Dromedary and the Mt. Kilauea Colada), the bar was getting pretty busy. Young hipsters started arriving to order beer-scented water. We got up to order another round, and when we walked back outside, our table was already taken!

So we sat inside and ordered dinner. The burger I had was very good (a special, I don't remember the name). We also had the zombie, welcome to havana, and a special drink called the Frozen Flamingo, which came with a mini inflatable flamingo pool floatie which was ours to keep. I wasn't a fan of the Welcome to Havana, but everything else was tasty.

Bar has a cozy corner with a high table and some masks on the wall overlooking the table. There's a pinball machine across from the bar, but I don't know if it works.

When we were there, service was good until the crowd overran the place. The one server and one bartender became quickly overwhelmed and I had to wait nearly 30 minutes(!!!) just to order a drink at one point. I attribute it to being Friday night. Perhaps during the week the joint is a little more chill in the evening. At least the music (no exotica, just indie rock) wasn't loud, and there were no televisions.

I would like to visit the bar again to sample the rest of the drinks. Of course, I'd like to see one of the burlesque shows.

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