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Wow!!! Look at this Tiki Artist!!!!

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This is without a doubt the best tiki art I've ever seen! Wow!! Take a look for yourself...


Any comments??????

It's like a classroom montage of children's drawings of tin cans that have come to life.
If that sells, it's time to buy myself some finger paints and get some 'outsider art' onto eBay.

Trader Woody


my eyes! my eyes! :o

What a beautiful piece(of what I don't know) I just love that they will matte it for you if the get a bid of $35 or over. Suitable for framing. Maybe I'll get my three year olds preschool class to do some tiki art! It will probably be better.


Awww, Looks like they took it off the 'net. Too bad, I wanted to see it, Maybe get inspired

That's it I'm not painting anymore.

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