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Las Vegas Huka Pele Tiki Weekender - Sept 6-9, 2018

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Las Vegas Huka Pele Tiki Weekender - Sept 6-9, 2018

Hi Everyone. This is the first year of this event here in Las Vegas. Sept 6-9, 2018 at The Thunderbird Hotel (newly remodeled).
It will be small (100-200 people), but will make it just that much better as you will feel closer to your fellow tikiphiles.
We have a presence on facebook, but I use Tiki Central for information and did not want to leave you out.

Check us out at http://www.lvtiki.com

We have a first year Tiki Monkey Mug. The theme is Jungle Cruise this year. Buy at http://www.lvtiki.com

There will be 5 carvers scheduled daily Friday, Saturday, Sunday to show you their skill.
Billy Crud, Dan Watson, VonTiki, OB Tiki, Gavin Wyatt

Bands will be playing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Here is the list so far.
The Phenomenauts
Thee Swank Bastards
Franks and Deans
Durango 66
Shieks of Neptune
Tiki Bandits
The Hypnotiques with Kitty Chow
Drew Storey
Paul Moton

Swing Dance lessons available Thursday with Live Music to dance to after.

There will be DJ spinning your favorite music by the pool and in the bar:
Senor Amore, Rex Dart, Ralphie the Shoes, Vegas Kyle, Raie Manta (french polynesian music). More to come.

We have symposiums for your pleasure.
Learn how to make a Tiki Pendant (start to finish) - Two day workshop Friday and Saturday by Tiki Al
Learn about Automated Bars - History to How to create one yourself by Mike Barletta
Learn Pinup Posing from the Fox and the Vamp
Learn Tiki Collecting for Fun and Profit by Jason Smith aka Tiki Pug.

There will be a cocktail competition. You be the judge. Huka Pele Poker Chips used for the judging. Take a souvenir home after.

If you want to have a room party. This is the year. It will be smaller and more manageable. Just have fun. It does not need to be complicated. Have your room party wear fatigues and be jungle guerrillas, Flower Power theme, Jet Airliner, Old Shack tiki bar, Dark and spooky, so many easy ideas. Not officially part of Huka Pele Las Vegas Tiki Weekender, but if you have one, we will come visit you. I will have a location for your room party flyers too. If you have questions, please email: [email protected]

We will have Burlesque girls performing for you Saturday night.

We have so many great vendors for your pleasure. Please go to out site http://www.vtiki.com to check them out.

Sounds Great, right? :)

Come on over and join us.

Hotel rooms available as o 8/22/18 at the Hotel by calling direct: The Thunderbird 702-489-7500

Tickets available: Go to http://www.lvtiki.com and click the ticket picture for the brown paper tickets link.

Looking forward to seeing you soon (old friends and new)

Melissa and Mike Barletta

Sponsors: Bettie Page Rum, Lexba Rum, Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall.

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