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Clouseaux in New Orleans & Atlanta this weekend

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Hey Gang! Giving you New Orleanians whom I've bet (hi, Purple Jade!) and haven't, and Atlantans the same, a heads-up that my band Clouseaux is playing in NEW ORLEANS at the Mermaid this SATURDAY night (Labor Day weekend), on our way to:

The Drive-Invasion, Labor Day weekend at the Starlight Drive-In in ATLANTA. Southern Culture headlines Saturday night, and we're the last on SUNDAY (going on after the Woggles - whew!)


I'm not sure if the event is getting much press outside of Georgia, but it really should: great bands, great B movies, directors and stars of the films they're showing, even bikini car washes!

(Also, Creative Loafing is doing an article, concentrating on me, and we're getting a Best Bets in the AJC, which is doing a story on Drive-Invasion on the cover of their weekend section.)

Those of you at the first Hukilau in Atlanta will remember the wonderful time at the Starlight Drive-In on Sunday, with the Penetrators playing on the roof of the snackbar, and movies like the Zombies of Maru Taru (sp?).

Hope you all can make it out, and maybe in New Orleans, we can get a cocktail afterwards?

You can get one Sunday, but two more hours of drive time involved... :)


I'm planning on going to Drive Invasion again this year. When are you guys getting into Atlanta? Maybe we can hit Trader Vic's!!! If not, I'll see you at the Starlight!


Wish we COULD do the Trader Vic's thing; we're even staying super-close walking distance from the Hyatt, but we roll into Atlanta with just enough time to check in, clean up, and run to the Starlight. And you know TV's - they close EARLY, dangit.

But find me, Scotty! I'm not sure who you are! And all you other TC-ers that can make it, be sure and identify yourselves! (Hmmm, maybe there should be ID cards (beyond the fabulous Hoity-Toity ID cards)...)

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