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Tiki Di Amore, Las Vegas, NV (bar)

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Name:Tiki Di Amore
Street:2850 E Tropicana Avenue (Behind Casa Di Amore)
City:Las Vegas

So, my wife was watching Jersey Shore (ok... I may have watched it with her) and seen that they were eating at an Italian restaurant named Casa Di Amore. She googled it, because she travels to Las Vegas often for work, and wanted to see if it was worth checking out. She noticed on their Yelp page that there was a Tiki Bar at the location. I did a small bit of research and here is what I came up with...

Pilfered from various online sources: The only outdoor Tiki Bar in Las Vegas, Tiki di Amore is now open six days a week for dining and drinking, surrounded by Moai statues, totems, and the custom-built “Tikipus.” The themed environment features a private hut, seating around a fire pit, a life-size deep sea diver, and a throne embraced by a giant octopus, the “Tikipus,” created by locals 3 Specialty Design Services.

“The night was clearly well spent at Tiki di Amore, just your average, everyday tropical bar now open behind a vintage Italian restaurant.

In a perfect world, every old Italian joint would open an al fresco tiki bar out back for you to cap red sauce-slathered meals with a total disruption of your sense of place. But at least Casa di Amore did here.”

Maybe some of you checked it out this last weekend, or maybe no one has been. I’ll be sure to check it out next time I’m in Vegas.

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Awesome, a great find! Sort of wacky, but I'm sure it's a fun place to visit and chill. Can I do Italian with tiki drinks? If I can do Chinese food with "polynesian," then heck yeah! It would be fun to talk to the owners and find out more about what their interest and exposure to tropical stuff is.

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