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This will be my first time at Circa Caliente and I've never been to Tiki Caliente. However, I've been to several Ohana Luau on the Lake and Hukilau events so I know the drill, in general. My big question is, at those events, it is very common for people to bring their own cocktail poolside, in the vendor area, and other common areas. However, when in a bar or a room party, you drink their stuff. Is this also the case at Circa Caliente?

Would also appreciate any tips veterans have as well.



Aloha soon to be friend. The “official” word at Circa Caliente is no outside food or beverages at the pool. I know for a fact that people bring their own drinks to the pool, but I think they just try to be low key about it. I limit my drinking by only buying drinks when I am in the pool. Otherwise I would bring my own, get ridiculously trashed, and miss the rest of the day. As for the rest of the grounds, I would say go for it. We certainly don’t mind you bringing your own drink to our room party as long as you don’t spill it or leave it behind.

Oh yeah, the bands play next to the pool. But when I talk about “at the pool” I mean in the pool. I think in the evenings when the bands are outside, people definitely bring their own. For the bands inside the bar, I would recommend whatever cash price drinks they are serving. They are always good, reasonably priced, and fast.

And if you are from the east, bring lots of water and your favorite electrolytes. If you aren’t used to the dry desert, you will get dehydrated in a hurry.

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