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Yesterday I was tipped off to a couple old tikis I was told were carved from palms. While I was working my wife shot down to south OC to pick em up. Lovely woman!
According to the seller, they were recently found at a Laguna Beach estate sale, which is the only history I currently have on them.
I'm shocked at how well they've survived the years, very minimal rot at the bases through the center.
I'd love to find the source/carver who may have done these.

Those were real common around here for a while and are Bali imports. From about 2003-2010

You can see one in this tikiland photo from 2007

Someone sent a cocojoes sculpt to bali and they sent that other tiki back by the shipping container load
Mini version on right

Big version

those photos were from 2007 too

Buzzy Out!

Very good Det. Buzz, I’ve had one for years and never had an inkling of it’s origins.

Thanks for the ID Buzzy!
Much appreciated!

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