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Palm wood in South FL -new carver

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Been lurking around this thread for a while and have been inspired to carve over the last few weeks. Have done a few hardwood Tiki's (walnut, mahogony) small in size, Moai type. Would like to give a 2-3 footer a shot. Where should I go for the wood? Have lots of Palms here, they good, yes? I'm guessing from my days of Mountain Biking around here that I could pull some fallen Palm logs out of the local parks without any fuss. What should I look for? Bugs and dryness right? Apreciate any tips or anyone want to join me gathering wood around here-Ft Lauderdale.


Palm is a good wood to start with. i really like the look of coconut palms. i don't know the difference between the species. not sure about what to look for in fallen trees, but as you said try to find out in there is any rot or bug. you could also look for some white pine, BK say it cuts very easy, not sure if you have white pines in FL. not sure i can help anymore as i'm not much of a woodologist.

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