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Polynesian Princess, Vacation Village, San Diego, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Polynesian Princess, Vacation Village
Street:1404 West Vacation Road
City:San Diego

Polynesian Princess, Vacation Village (1983-c1998) was a restaurant and bar that took over Don the Beachcomber Vacation Village (originally the Barefoot Bar), on San Diego's Mission Bay. Vacation Village owner Jack Skirball sold the resort in 1983 to P&O Enterprises, hotel and cruise ship operators (The Love Boat). The property was renamed the San Diego Princess Resort, and the restaurant became the Polynesian Princess. Unfortunately, reviews of their food and drink were no better than those of Don’s. Vacation Village is now called Paradise Point Resort & Spa. The Barefoot Bar returned and is back in the spot of the Beachcomber.

Very cool bit of Tiki Transmission on this place. Spotted a menu with the full breadth of Tiki drinks and mugs from the Polynesian Princess at Vacation Village.


Pages: 1 1 replies