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bro Matt's visit to Portland's Alibi

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Those who wish can browse a web gallery I threw together at http://www.backattheranch.ca/Alibi/FrameSet.htm

...the nerve of that guy, going to the Tonga Room and Emeryville Vic's in June, and now this!

aloha, em.

And he didn't call us?! We choulda shown him around a bit!

Some things to note about the Alibi - the owner has assured me that they will be sprucing up the exterior as soon as the light rail construction out front is finished. He says he's sticking with all the original design elements of the sign and building and will only be cleaning it up and not "updating" it.

The neon torches on top of the sign used to be real gas flames! I've been bugging Larry to make that happen again, but he says the insurance and codes won't allow it. I don't get the feeling he's looked into it that deeply though, as there are other clubs in town that have live flames outside... You HAVE to see that sign at night to really appreciate it! When locals give directions to the Alibi they always say, "You can't miss it", and in this case that's actually true.


Hiya TM,

I have been trying to get Matt to join TC and get to know some folks, but he is very busy all the time, either working or travelling on the proceeds of that work it seems. He was beitten by the Tiki bug only very recently, but I have a feeling he's not turning back now... :)

Thanx for the good news about Alibi, I'll make sure he sees this post!



Maxton, Can the owner add neon flames that alternate slightly left and right to give a flicker effect? Can you visualise what I mean?


I just looked at the pictures--maybe they do flicker--I can't tell fully.

I can't remember if the neon flames flicker or not - they've actually been broken for awhile and I believe are schedule for repair when the sign is refurbished. I should mention it to him. Anybody know of any excellent neon artists in Seattle or Portland that I could refer him to?


First: The Alibi...The plastic "float" lights out front were all repaired...New globes, new knotted rope (Or at least they seemed new a couple weeks ago when I was there). Also, Sunday and Monday there's a new bartender working, Michael. He made the best tropical drinks I've had at the Alibi. His Mai-Tai (Orange type) was actually quite drinkable and strong. A really nice guy who is the head bartender at a downtown Portland joint called Green Papaya (1135 SW Morrison). He talked up their drinks, but it was closed when we went by.

Second: Neon in Seattle...Western Neon is the place...2700 1st Ave S, 206-682-7738. They do all sorts of historic restoration, plus they sell original neon art. If you're vsiting Seattleville and are at all interetsted in neon as a contemporary medium it's worth checking out. I've seen many excellent pieces there for well under $300. They also make and sell crap that pays the rent, so don't be put off by a neon cactus or Marilyn in the window.

On 2003-08-28 01:57, woofmutt wrote:
First: The Alibi...
Second: Neon in Seattle...

Third: You were in Portland and you didn't call? Shame on you, Woofmutt!
We might have joined you!

Yes, the plastic floats are new. Didn't know about Michael - is Al gone, or is Michael just fill-in? I liked Al, though his bartending tastes teneded to be way too sweet for my tastes. No real interest in classic recipes or techniques. Still, he did try to create a specialty drink menu for the place, which is more than some places. I'll have to get down there and check out Michael's mai tai...

My sister lives in Portland and I was thinking of visiting her in January. I'll have to go! Looks wonderful!

The gas flame torches can be pretty tough to get approved. There's a restaurant here in Knoxville with them on the outside and the idea was almost canned due to the difficulty.

Tiki kiliki, do let us know when you're in town and I'm certain we can round up a posse of the Portland TC contingent. We're growing stronger everyday and we love showing out of town TC visitors around our fair city and its watering holes!

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