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The Hukilau 2019 official announcement

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The Hukilau 2019
June 5-9 at Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina and The Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale

Tickets and hotel rooms go on sale Feb. 1
(Look for more details throughout January)

What can you look forward to in 2019?

The same things you love:

  • Rooms and events at Pier 66 plus B Ocean Resort
  • Same Wednesday through Sunday schedule
  • Tiki Treasures Bazaar
  • Tiki Tower Takeover (Thursday)
  • High Tide Party (Friday night)
  • Mai-Kai party (Saturday night)
  • Pool parties (Friday and Saturday)
  • Full schedule of symposiums and classes
  • Guest bars: All of your favorites from 2018
  • Amazing musical lineup
  • Mermaids and burlesque
  • Pass prices stay the same! 2018 prices locked in if purchased in February

What's new or different for 2019?

  • Sustainability: As we grow, so does our mindfulness to reduce waste
  • Sunday pool party: Stick around and help us welcome Tiki-locals that couldn't join us during the work week
  • More guest bars: Yes, really! We're expanding from 12 to 18 or more from around the U.S. and Europe
  • Live music poolside: Lounge, tan, sip, and watch The Intoxicators (and others) perform live
  • More vendors at the Tiki Treasures Bazaar
  • Tiki Truck Stop: More food trucks and more hours for Thursday and Friday nights
  • More fun and more aloha

PLUS: Some special new additions!
(Details to be released in the next few weeks)


Ready for The Hukilau? Get all the news from the official announcement, plus some of our favorite photos from last year's festivities ...


The Hukilau 2019 updates: Hotel room parties are back, The Surfrajettes return to The Mai Kai, plus more

As promised, news and updates on The Hukilau 2019 are flowing like rum from a barrel as villagers gear up for Feb. 1, when tickets and hotel rooms will go on sale for the 18th annual Tiki weekender in Fort Lauderdale.

Announcements last week included this year’s featured artist, plus countdown parties at Miami Rum Congress in February and The Mai-Kai in March featuring The Surfrajettes. Now, we have exclusive news that The Hukilau will be hosting its first guest room parties in nearly a decade. Click here for all the details …


From The Atomic Grog ...

Tickets on sale, book your room now for June 5-9 bash in Fort Lauderdale

The Hukilau has announced an impressive lineup of bands, bars and booze experts as it launched a new website with tickets now on sale for the 18th annual Tiki weekender in Fort Lauderdale. Guests can also book rooms at two hotels: the host Pier 66 and the nearby B Ocean Resort.

Among the highlights:

First-time performances by Surfer Joe, The Volcanics, The Swingin’ Palms, and Slowey and the Boats. Plus these returning musicians and DJs: Tikiyaki Orchestra (and Tikiyaki 5-0), Brother Cleve, The Hula Girls, King Kukulele, The Intoxicators, Gold Dust Lounge, Skinny Jimmy Stingray, James Brown’s Sweat.

New guests bars from across the world: Laki Kane (London), Esotico (Miami), Archipelago (Washington, D.C.), 4 Kahunas (Arlington, Texas), Manolito (New Orleans), The Polynesian (New York City), Tiki TNT (Washington, D.C.), UnderTow (Phoenix), The Zombie Village (San Francisco), and Tiki Underground (Hudson, Ohio). Plus returnees Death Or Glory (Delray Beach), Dirty Dick (Paris), Flask & Cannon (Jacksonville), Foundation (Milwaukee), Frankie’s Tiki Room (Las Vegas), Hidden Harbor (Pittsburgh), Nu Lounge Bar (Italy), Three Dots and a Dash (Chicago), Pagan Idol (San Francisco), The S.O.S. (Atlanta), Tonga Hut (Los Angeles), and Trailer Happiness (London).

Women take over the Tiki Tower Takeover, featuring world-class mixologists Sierra Kirk (Hale Pele), Jeanie Grant (Pagan Idol), Libby Longlott (UnderTow), Sarah Clarke (Hidden Harbor), Shannon Mustipher (Gladys NYC), Phoebe Esmon (Curate), Ayme Harrison (Death or Glory), and Marie King (Tonga Hut).

New symposiums on Trader Vic’s (with granddaughter Eve Bergeron), Tiki mugs (with Tiki Diablo, Eekum Bookum, and Holden Westland of Tiki Farm), surf music (with Jon Paul Balak and Lorenzo “Surfer Joe” Valdambrini), rum and the British Navy (with Matt Pietrek, aka Cocktail Wonk), and home bars (with Ron Ferrell).

Special low-cost presentations on “Women of the Mai-Kai” and “Women Who Tiki” with many special guests.

The return of Ian “Rum Ambassador” Burrell for his “$1,000 Rum Tasting” and a new presentation with “rum professor” Stephen Remsberg.

Okole Maluna Cocktail Academy classes led by Ian Burrell, Matt Pietrek, Georgi Radev (Laki Kane), Brian Miller (The Polynesian), Kevin Beary (Three Dots and a Dash), Scotty Schuder (Dirty Dick), Adam Henry (Hidden Harbor), Ian Jones (The S.O.S), Jeanie Grant (Pagan Idol), and Shannon Mustipher (Gladys NYC).

Full story and links on the blog ...

Click here for full details and to order tickets and reserve your room. You can also make Mai-Kai reservations online.

santa posted on Wed, Feb 27, 2019 5:56 PM

I’m looking at the ticket prices. $400 is the top end south seas pass but it includes no seminars/classes and few events . If I add those on it pushes the price to $700 or more. Is there an all access pass? Are the classes/events sold bundled in blocks to bring down the price of buying multiple events vs a la carte? Otherwise it appears to be double to price of tiki oasis, all in.

On 2019-02-27 17:56, santa wrote:
Otherwise it appears to be double to price of tiki oasis, all in.

You are getting about 27 hours of open bar.

It's not really fair to price all the seminars because many of them run concurrently and you couldn't do them if you wanted do. As a pass holder, you do get a discount on seminars. It's also hard to bundle, because it's hard to determine which seminars will interest the same folks. Trust me, there is a lot to do at Hukilau without having to have every moment scheduled. And the South Seas Pass gets you entry to events over 5 days, which isn't that bad.

It's not really fair to price all the seminars because many of them run concurrently and you couldn't do them if you wanted do. As a pass holder, you do get a discount on seminars. It's also hard to bundle, because it's hard to determine which seminars will interest the same folks. Trust me, there is a lot to do at Hukilau without having to have every moment scheduled. And the South Seas Pass gets you entry to events over 5 days, which isn't that bad.

The Hukilau 2019 update: Last party at Pier Sixty-Six? Rooms, events selling fast as new cocktail classes added

As The Hukilau fast approaches its 18th annual Tiki weekender in Fort Lauderdale in June, hotel rooms at the host Pier Sixty-Six have sold out, and the more popular classes and symposiums are filling up. But new events are still being added, including a cocktail class on the rums of The Mai-Kai hosted by The Atomic Grog.

Meanwhile, news just broke that Pier Sixty-Six will be closing for a massive two-year renovation immediately after The Hukilau 2019. With plans for a new 2020 site for The Hukilau already underway, this June should prove to be a final opportunity to party at the vintage Pier Sixty-Six, Tiki style.


LATEST NEWS: Tiki Tower Takeover cocktail party sold out – Preview, photos and complete history

For the fifth year in a row, the signature event at The Hukilau has sold out months in advance. The Tiki Tower Takeover, held every June in the 17th floor rooftop ballroom at Pier Sixty-Six in Fort Lauderdale, will have added significance in 2019.

The festive cocktail party that spotlights some of the world’s top Tiki bartenders will celebrate Women Who Tiki with eight female mixologists serving their own special creations. With the hotel closing for a massive refurbishment immediately after The Hukilau, it will also be the last Takeover in the tower for at least two years.


Plus more special features:
• HISTORY: Event recaps and photos, 2015-2017
• PHOTOS: Recap and new images from last year’s Tiki Tower Takeover
• RECIPE: Cotton Mouth Killer from Trailer Happiness

The Atomic Grog presents new class and symposium at The Hukilau 2019

Hurricane Hayward of The Atomic Grog will take guests on an virtual journey to the Caribbean to learn about the key rums and styles that have dominated The Mai-Kai’s acclaimed cocktails for more than 60 years. He'll be joined by rum expert Stephen Remsberg for an Okole Maluna Cocktail Academy class at Pier Sixty-Six hotel on June 8, and by Cocktail Wonk writer Matt Pietrek for an on-stage symposium at The Mai-Kai Grand Finale on June 9.


I am very happy and proud to announce that Mireille Thornton, owner of the Mai-Kai, choreographer of the show since 1963 and former dancer in the show, will be joining me on stage to tell her story herself!

This is my passion. Finding the people and their stories and sharing them with the world. Every year for about the last 8, I have tried to bring these remarkable people and their tales to you at Hukilau.

This is a peak experience!

Mireille does not do press interviews any longer.

You will not want to miss this. A once in a lifetime chance to hear her talk about life from the small island of Takaroa to the Mai-Kai. All the celebrities that spent many a late night in their home. Her spiritual connection with dance and chant. Her struggles to keep the Mai-Kai going all these decades. How she got and lost her dancing job, and then got it back. So many great memories.

And bring your book to get her to sign it afterwards!

And Randy Avon is no slouch. He'll be talking about his mother Pualani Mossman Avon, their family (George Mossman and Lanai Village, Alfred Apaka, Sterling Mossman, George Kainipau, etc.) that practically founded our notions of Hawaii. This is a bit of a preview of what he'll be bringing to Tiki Oasis.

THE HUKILAU 2019 - Unofficial Schedule

Due to popular demand, The Atomic Grog presents a handy-dandy schedule in spreadsheet format for all five days, including lots of new info like band set times, Saturday night at The Mai-Kai and more.

Also, you should be able to download the new official app in all your favorite app stores. It's a totally new app with lots of cool features.

Just three days until the start of The Hukilau! Get all the latest news on tickets, passes and the new app, plus check the schedule on the blog ...


The Hukilau's villagers enjoyed a seemingly limitless supply of Tiki cocktails, educational symposiums, mixology and craft classes, dozens of live music performances, vintage mermaid swimshows, all-day pool parties, dinner and shows at The Mai-Kai, plus a whole lot more.

I gathered up a bunch of social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr and posted them on The Atomic Grog. Take a look back at a bunch of highlights from last week's festivities ...

As usual, one of the highlights was the Tiki Tower Takeover at Pier 66. Between sampling all the delicious drinks, hanging out with friends and enjoying the gorgeous views from the 17th-floor Pier Top Lounge, we managed to snap a few photos ...


Coming soon, a blog recap featuring more photos plus cocktail reviews and ratings.

LIVE AUDIO: The Rums of The Mai-Kai, presented by The Atomic Grog at The Hukilau 2019

Mahalo to Adrian Eustaquio and Inside the Desert Oasis Room for documenting the June 9 presentation where I was joined by Matt Pietrek of Cocktail Wonk live on stage at The Mai-Kai during the closing festivities of The Hukilau 2019.

Click here to listen now or subscribe on iTunes and other podcast platforms:

Hurricane Hayward,
Thanks for the post, and especially the bonus recipes.!! 2019 was my first Hukilau and I remember those drinks. Great to get the recipes!!! Thank you.

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