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Aloha Tiki Tribe,

For a Limited Time Only, I am offering my newest Don the Beachcomber Tiki Mugs at discount, 2 for $50, for a Very Special Valentine's Offer. These mugs are SIGNED/DATED by ME, Brad Parker. Each package includes 2 Tiki Mugs & a Special Drink Recipe, created by Don's Mai Tai Bar in Kona, Hawaii, called "Don's Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Shake". Supplies are limited. Only a few sets remain. Shipping to the mainland is $21 & shipping int'l is $55. Order by 2/8 to receive in time for Valentine's.
Mahalo for your continued support over the years & Happy Valentine's Day!


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Aloha Tiki Tribe!
Check out the original art ( two 2 new drawings ) for sale on my web site:
tikishark.com !

"The Haunted Tiki of Shark Reef"
See the rest here...

Aloha Tiki Tribe!

Original Art by Brad Parker

"3 Tikis"


Aloha Tiki Tribe!

Check out the NEW TIKI TOWELS from HAWAII!

Two colors! Three Tikis! Lots of other things!

go to:

Aloha Tiki Tribe!

A teaser ...

Two Big Island Artists & one unusual concept.

Much planning n' a rough learning process for a new Tiki Mug

We wanted a LOT of detail. and... We got it. (finally)

The samples knocked our socks off.


Pre-Orders to be taken soon. Shipping early fall.

A: A limited edition of 100 of KAAN TOOK Tiki Mugs / special artist's proofs (hand Signed & Remarked by the artists) will be made available in September. Each will have a Certificate of Authenticity. PRE-ORDER by Sept 15th on tikishark.com

A: The Main shipment of MUGS will arrive on the Big Island in October / ready to ship by Halloween. Order by October 15th on tikishark.com

Watch tikishark.com for more PRE-ORDER information as it happens!

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Aloha Tiki Tribe!

TIKI MUG Pre-Sale was a success!

The limited edition of "KAAN TOOK" (the Tiki Mug) SOLD-OUT in about one hour!
Big mahalo to every one who ordered that special piece of tiki culture.

For those who missed their chance, there will be the release of the regular "not so limited" run of
KAAN TOOK tiki mugs coming in the next few months - please watch our WEB SITE for details as they happen.

Our WEB site here:

Or our face book page:

FYI - I just posted an Artist's Blog about the creation and art behind the making of the "KAAN TOOK" mug.
My face book Artist Blog-Page:

Mahalo & Aloha

ALOHA Tiki Tribe!


Q: What is better then a cup-o'-somethin' & a good book?

A: First - a Cup that's a TiKi-ArT coffee cup! Second - a book dat's an awesome "TiKi Historical - Thriller novel!

PLUS All on S A L E !

CHECK IT OUT on my Web site while the special Sale lasts! - tikishark.com


ALOHA Tki Tribe!

The limited edition, signed and numbered by both artists, with a certificate of authenticity, has SOLD OUT.
FYI ~ There's a new SPECIAL Tiki-reffic offer on da' up-coming release of the 'regular run' of the KAAN TOOK tiki-mugs!

Check it out while it's still available !


Happy ALOHA Friday Tiki Tribe!

FOR DETAILS GO HERE: https://www.tikishark.com/products/kaan-took-concept-drawing-2-signed-kaan-took-tiki-mugs

Today we got a real treat...

~ Tremendous for the collector's marker ~

• ONLY ONE AVAILABLE - An original concept drawing of...the Mayan / Meso-America / Tiki-god : "KAAN TOOK" !

This fearsome ancient-Mexican "King of Snakes" rises up from the mystic ruins of the Mayan civilization to live again... as a Swanky New Tiki Mug ! !

An exquisite new piece perfect for any mug collection.
This new treasure is designed by Brad "Tiki-Shark" Parker based on a concept by Mexican Tiki Artist Jacob Medina.

Livin' on da' Big Island of Hawai'i, these two friends put their renown Tiki Artist's skills an' imaginations together to create a new legendary liege lord of liquor: "KAAN TOOK !"
The boys combined their personal interests & historical art studies to raise an ancient immortal cosmocrat up from steaming primordial jungles jagged with prehistoric edifices N' lost temples.

"Oh, what sanguine-Mayan-toxicant might overflow from KAAN TOOK in quenching drafts of glorious vintage glee?!"

An iconic mystery-monarch KAAN TOOK's perfectly unique n' his folkloric nobility.
His mystery-history plus KAAN TOOK'S insane amount of lurid detail make him fully worthy of "Tiki-Mug" status.

After the creation of a new mythological deity, the guys worked exhaustively with a world famous ceramic production house to create one of the most carefully crafted, abundantly detailed, and high-quality Tiki Mugs to recently make waves in the collectable mug market !

Original sketch includes: Includes 2 Signed Kaan Took Tiki Mugs, 1/1,
CONCEPT SKETCH (Framed): Pencil, ink, and acrylic paint on paper; 8.5 x 11

ONLY $495 + FREE Shipping (US)!!!

FOR DETAILS GO HERE: https://www.tikishark.com/products/kaan-took-concept-drawing-2-signed-kaan-took-tiki-mugs


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ALOHA Tiki Tribe!
Original Pencil Study for SALE.

“The Mummy’s Mai-Tai” Original Pencil Study.

Please use this link to purchase "The Mummy's Mai Tai Original Sketch":

Pencil / graphite & white acrylic paint on heavy rag paper. Framed.
Art area -11 1/4” x 8”
Frame - 16” x 13”

Torn from the artist’s sketch book: an original pencil on paper study for the painting “The Mummy’s Mai-Tai”. Following the first four classic monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Werewolf, and The Creature, here is the design of monster number five (5) for the on going series “Monsters on Vacation”.
Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker places the low-brow spot-light of his character driven painting on the mummified Egyptian high priest Im-Ho-Tep as portrayed by Boris Karloff in 1933. The Mummy reflects the Universal horror films that so heavily influenced his childhood, and continue to be part of Parker’s art.
As a small boy, Brad watched the black & white creature-features every week-end in gleeful terror.
“I remember Karloff was buried alive for 3700 years, til the tomb was opened, the seal broken, and the mummy came to life to fulfill it’s dreadful mission.” Brad says.
“I also remember the Midway at the Nebraska State Fair an’ trying to win these silly-looking inflatable monsters. I had them all in one form or another. As a kid, my room looked like a miniature Madame Tussauds wax museum chamber of horrors. With these paintings I suppose I’m still perfecting my own ultimate collection of monsters.”

Mahalo ~
Brad "Tiki-Shark" Parker

"KAAN TOOK" - the first shipment has arrived.

90% of this first shipment is already SOLD.
Pre-ordering stops soon!

Order yours today before the entire run its gone!

for more info please go to:


• KAAN TOOK the special edition has arrived... and is coming to you!

The first 100, LIMITED EDITION (Signed & Numbered) KAAN TOOK Tiki Mugs have been sent out from the production house that is far away across the sea in a very exotic location, where 100 virgins & 100 drunken monks have worked hard on making these mugs. 100 were sent out via the one rare air transport on the whole mountain top country, - it finally landed in Oahu.
Then, the boxes' mugs were canoed over to our outer-island under menehune guard.
After that, local artists Jacob Medina & Brad "Tiki-Shark" Parker sobered up long enough to sign and number them all ( right after the 11th annual Mai-Tai Festival at the Royal Kona Resort - so BOY was THAT difficult all by it's self!)

After that, our many hard working interns went to work shipping n' getting them boxed up and mailed out.

If you purchased your LIMITED EDITION ~ KAAN TOOK Tiki Mug expect it with in, ...oh about... two weeks or so.
Depending on where in the world you are ordering from.

You'll receive:

1.) One KAAN TOOK Tiki Mug - signed n' numbered by both artists ( Brad & Jacob )

2.) A Certificate of Authenticity signed by one of the artists.

Big Mahalo!

If you need more info on a purchase of the regular run please visit http://www.tikishark.com


KAAN TOOK tiki-mugs have arrived!

The first limited run completely SOLD OUT!

• Don't miss out pre-ordering on the next shipment!

That's right, the Mystic Mayan KAAN TOOK comes in two MesoAmerican colors!
1.) "BONE" ( Boney Brown )
2.) "Azul Fantasmal" ( Ghostly Blue )

For info on ordering go to my artist's FB page at:

Or my Regular FB page:

Aloha Tiki Tribe!

Happy LABOR-DAY Tiki-folks! Hope you are having a great holiday week-end!

Q: Hey, what's a good way to celebrate "L A B O R ~ D A Y" n' the great union workers of America?
A: Why, with a great Big Rockin' S A L E of Tiki Art, of course! ~ YOU WORK HARD ~ You deserve it!!

Go to my website right now http://www.tikishark.com and grab on to da' Big Throbin' Rock Hard SALE !!
ALL Da' swanky stuff is 20% OFF ! • Everything Cool is 20% OFF ! • YOU WORK HARD Labor Day SALE!
http://www.tikishark.com ~ 20 % O F F !! ~ YOU WORK HARD ~ http://www.tikishark.com ~ 20 % O F F !! ~ You're ROCK HARD Sale ~
~ 20 % O F F !! ~ YOU WORK HARD ~ you deserve a big ol sweaty manly sale! !! ~ 20 % O F F !! ~ ~ YOU WORK IT HARD SALE ~

( http://www.tikishark.com! - However, this awesome Sale only lasts the holiday week end - so don't delay! )

• Here's an extra-swanky featured piece: " Original Art - Framed pencil sketch for a NEW PAINTING "The Mummy's Mai-Tai"

“The Mummy’s Mai-Tai” Original Pencil Study

Pencil / graphite & white acrylic paint on heavy rag paper. Framed.
Art area -11 1/4” x 8”
Frame - 16” x 13”

Torn from my artist’s sketch book: an original pencil on paper study for the painting “The Mummy’s Mai-Tai”.
Following the first four classic monsters:

The Werewolf, the Creature, Dracula, Frankenstein, ...here finally is the design of monster number five (5) for the on going series very popular “Monsters on Vacation” series.
I am placing the low-brow spot-light of my weird-o character driven art style on the mummified Egyptian high-priest "Im-Ho-Tep" !

That's right: THE MUMMY!

  • inspired by the brilliant portrayal by Boris Karloff in 1933.

    Monsters Boris Karloff played the Frankenstein's monster, the Mummy, Dr. Frankenstein, and a bunch of other scary guys that I can't remember right now!! ( WOW! )

    “The Mummy’s Mai-Tai” painting is about that love for the Universal horror films that so heavily influenced my childhood, and continues to be part of my particular flavor of Tiki-Culture art ! ( GOSH! )

    sketch~ "pencil study - Da' Mummy's Mai-Tai"

    Sketch~" pencil study - Da' Mummy's hand!"

    Sketch~ pencil study - Da' Mummy's Mai-Tai #two with more detail n stuff

    Sketch ~ pencil study - "The Mummy's stink-eye!"
    As a small boy, my week revolved around Saturday morning cartoons, plus Saturday Night (when I got to stay up and watch ) "CREATURE FEATURE"
    In glorious black & white, with the horror host Dr, Sanguinary!
    “I watched in gleeful terror as Boris Karloff was buried alive for 3700 years, ...til the tomb was opened, the seal broken, ...and the Mummy came to LIFE to fulfill it’s dreadful mission!”

“I also remember the Midway at the Nebraska State Fair an’ trying to win these silly-looking inflatable monsters. I had them all in one form or another. As a kid, my room looked like a miniature Madame Tussauds wax museum chamber of horrors. With these paintings I suppose I’m still perfecting my own ultimate collection of monsters.”

Don't delay, now is YOUR chance to collect the awesome N' ever-growing "MONSTERS on VACATION Series" from me, and Tiki Shark Art Inc.
YOU WORK HARD ~ you deserve a big ol swanky sale! !!
Go to my Web site right now AN' OOGLE all Da' 20% OFF everything cool Labor Day SALE!
http://www.tikishark.com! - Sale only lasts the holiday week end so don't delay - or it's gonna be gone like a mummy back into it's tomb for the next 3700 years!!!

Aloha Tiki Tribe!

Tiki Tribe, check out the... "BACK TO Da' TIKI BAR-SALE"
Now going on at http://www.tikishark.com

Also submitted for your approval... https://youtu.be/1hGRLxxUOFw
Hey, would you buy Tiki Art from THIS man?

M A H A L O !


Aloha Tiki Tribe!
Happy ALOHA Friday the 13Th - Check out da link to this sweet offer!


ALOHA Tiki Tribe!

So, one beautiful Hawaiian day I was moving some piles of papers, small crates of old bones, and strange boxes of unknown objects (for drawing reference) around in my art studio and I found...


"Wow! It's Mister Mai-Tai! I've been out of stock of these for a long time. It's such a pleasant surprise to find one!"

Just then, my Art Agent Abbas was walking past the art-studio ...and saw it.

"Oh Boy! That would be perfect!" Abbas madly grinned. He grabbed the "Object-D'Tiki-Art" n' ran off towards the Tiki Shark web-site offices.
There, Abbas handed the precious collectable item over to our "head-web-mistress & web-designer-trix; MISTRESS BOURGEOIS.”
Her purple hued eyes narrowed as her satin gloved hands caressed the hard wood Mini-Surf Board.
A smile crossed her scarlet lips.

She rose a' moved, swift as a jungle cat, to place this special, LAST-ONE-OF-IT'S-KIND, Tiki Item up for SALE on the Tiki Shark web site. ~ http://www.tikishark.com

Back in the Art Studio, I clenched my paint splattered fist in consternation.
"Oh jeepers creepers! That was a really cool one, an' I kinda' wanted to hang it up an' gawk at it for a while."

~ I grumbled through broken teeth.
"But," I sighed, "Too may things in my art studio already!"
"I gotta' make some room in here to think and get inspired by big time tiki artists da' likes of Eric October & Tom "Big-Toe" Laura!
We're all going to Forbidden Island!!

I smiled an' dreamed of that strange FORBIDDEN ISLAND as I swigged from a bottle o' rum.
"Hey, you know what?" I slurred towards a blurry shape that might have been my cat,

"It's better if the MINI SURF BOARD goes out into the world and decorates someone's home Tiki Bar."
The cat's green eyes watched me as I scratched it's furry, over-sized head.
"That's the BEST PLACE any of my TIKI ART can ever end up!"

So... get IT, if ya' dig IT!
'Cause IT won't Last Long.
ONLY ONE, no others of this design be LEFT!

"Mister Mai-Tai"
~ printed on a custom-made miniature Wooden Surf Board.
It’s adorned with a special, one-of-a-kind, Artist's Remarque!
It’s wooden sleek wooden shape is personally signed by…
~ the artist ~ Brad "Tiki-Shark" Parker.



Happy Aloha Friday Tiki Tribe!

Good News!
A souvenir Tiki that was designed by an artist who is actually (part) Hawaiian has hit the stores!
Take a look...

They're designed by my friend...

Sam Campos. I met Sam eons ago at the San Diego ComicCon.

Sam's a very talented artist and the creator of "Pineapple Man" Comics.

Pineapple Man is the Hawaiian super hero comic that, (when they do make it out to the comic book stores in Hawaii)
they often out sell the big titles like Superman or Batman.

Anyways, Sam's designed three of the most excellent looking tikis I've ever seen offered up as souvenirs.
If you want to get 'em but don't live in Hawaii you can contact KC HAWAII direct.

KC Hawaii is one of the five big family owned companies that rule the Tourist/souvenir trade in Hawaii,
and have done so for generations.

Just about every single Souvenir Tiki that is sold in Hawaii comes from KC HAWAII. I work with KC Hawaii, and they are nice folks.
However, when I go visit their offices & were houses in Honolulu, I get a strange feeling that I'm working with David Lo Pan. He's the infamous
Chinese importer/export businessman and ancient wizard from the John Carpenter movie "Big Trouble in Little China". But, that's just me.

Go To the KC Hawaii web site here:

The Three NEW TIKIS are named:
1.) Fire Lava Figurine
2.) Surf Lava Figurine
( and my personal favorite)
3.) Shaka Lava Figurine

The Tiki figurines are - Made of PolyResin, overseas ( aka China of course, KC Hawaii is Chinese run and owned )
The figures are approx: 4" x 2" x 2". If you buy them off the KC HAWAII web site they are $7.99, plus shipping.

So, here's your chance to own a tiki ACTUALLY designed by an artist who is PART HAWAIIAN!

WOO-WEE! that darned authentic these days !


Aloha tiki tribe!

New one of a kind skate deck up for sale - Brad tiki-Shark Parker art!

Check it out here!

or here:

Happy Mahalo Ween!

Aloha Tiki Tribe,

• It's that time of year for a MONSTER S A L E !
~ Fine Art Prints: HALF PRICE !!! ~


• Fine Art Prints: HALF PRICE !!! ~
• High - Museum Quality / Giclee Art-Prints
• Printed with FADE RESISTANT Archival inks,
(Life long color never will dull or loose saturation.)

• 1.) “Dracula Drinks a Zombie”, 16” x 20”, ~ Now In stock ~

• 2.) “The Werewolf off Waikiki”, 16” x 20”, ~ Now In stock ~

• 3.) “The Creature from Kona”, 16” x 20”, ~ Now In stock ~

• 4.) “Frankenstein goes Hawaiian”, 16” x 20”, ~ Now In stock ~

• 5.) “All Four Monsters”, - on one Giclee Art Print, 16” x 20”, ~ Now In stock ~

Limited Edition in Stock - First Come First Serve
S A L E only good through October 31st !

• PLUS the rare ’secret monster’~ “The Invisible Surfer”, 16” x 20”, ~ Only ONE In stock ~
• Limited edition - only 1 left - signed by the artist AND the original owner of Body Glove; “Uncle Bob Meistrell“- (now deceased )

• Regular gallery priced - $120.00 Each ~ SPECIAL HALF OFF • MA-Ha-LO-Ween Price $65.00
• PLUS ~ Each Art-Print comes with a special Halloween TREAT from Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker!

Shipping to continental USA - Only $10.00 USD
(for international shipping please check with seller )
I take P A Y P A L
~ Send Payments to ....PAYPAL
My registered PAYPALl email: [email protected]
I take P A Y P A L

~ Fine Art Prints: HALF PRICE !!! ~

WEB-SITE? - No Thank you ! Direct to ME? YES SIREE!
My regi$tered PayPal email: [email protected]

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ALOHA Tiki Tribe!

~ Fine-Art-Prints: HALF -PRICE ! ~

• I know you're gettin' ready for your big HALLOWEEN party,
however, I had a couple folks ask some questions about...

...that just had to be answered. OKEE... ?

~ Fine-Art-Prints: HALF-PRICE !!! ~

A.) The BEST you can find.

• All gallery-quality art-prints on museum quality thick-rag-content paper.
~ Even when these MONSTERS are in the DIRECT righteous LIGHT-o-DAY, they will NEVER FADE AWAY!~

Q.) WHO Printed them? Kinkos?
A.) No. My Art Prints are crafted by the some one considered the very Best.
He is the same printer who created all the gallery and museum prints for Hawaii's most famous artist/historian "Herb Kawainui Kāne".
Never heard of "Herb Kawainui Kāne"? Google him & be surprised.
Fine Art Curators have told me the quality of these "giclee Art-Prints" simply does not get any better.

Q.) How big a discount is this sale?

To purchase these Art Prints the normal cost is $120.00. The MAHALL-O-WEEN offer them at 1/2 PRICE! $60.00 !

Q.) I can't find this sale on your Tikishark web site! Where on it is it?
A.) Its NOT on the Web Site. It is RIGHT HERE!

Looking for this sale on my WEB-SITE? You won't find it there.
Cause, It's RIGHT HERE! Just for you - you lucky Tiki Room Browser!

1.) Just go to PAY-PAY.
2.) Tell me which print you want - or how many.
3.) Pay ten bucks per print shipping to the USA,( Overseas buyers contact me & we will calculate it out. )
4.) U R DONE!

Official WEB-SITE? No Thank you! ~ Direct to ME? YES SIREE!
My registered PayPal email: [email protected]

Mele Kalikimaka Tiki Tribe!

My good friend, Alex “the Art of Detail” Gupton, and me; Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker have decided to give you fine folks a real Christmas treat this year!

It’s our very FIRST COLLABORATION SPECIAL, & you are NOT gonna’ wanna’ miss out on this one!
Here’s what it is:

• Four (4) High Quality Super-Luxurious Micro-fiber Art towels!

• Towels so gorgeous you may never wanna’ to use t’em, but frame ‘em as Swanky-soft Art instead!

• Alex and I’ve worked many sleepless nights putting the perfect combination of four art pieces together for you - our beloved Art Patrons.

• This is a Limited Edition Run, Tiki Tribe, so grab ‘em up quick!

• They’re gonna’ go as fast as cute-flying-reindeer ‘cause they’re the ultimate Holiday Gifts!

As always, Tiki-peeps, from our holiday home-tiki-bar to yours;
“A Big Mahalo for all your support, patronage and ALOHA !


....and You R A W K !”

ALOHA Tiki Tribe!~

Fresh from " product testing" at the beach on the Big Island of HAWAII... !!

The " T I K I " beach towel

The " H A W A I I " beach towel

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Check out the X-MAS sale with the F R E E Shipping!
( while supplies last! )


Come to ouR big Holiday ART SHOW for some GREAT DEALS...

However... if you can't get to HAWAII this holiday season...
please check out :


...for SPECTACULAR ON-line DEALS that will knock your socks off !!

B I G A L O H A & M E L E K A L I K I M A K A From H A W A I I !!!

Mele Kalikimaka Tiki Tribe!

Check out the great Christmas savings on http://www.tikishark.com


Check out the End of 2019 M E G A - S A L E on http://www.tikishark.com !


It's Thirsty Thursday!

..and "speakin' of drinkin' " I noticed
we are just about out of the run of KAAN TOOK mugs.
So, if you were thinkin' o drinkin' out of one of these for da' regular price
( not the inflated PRI$E you'll see in 12 months on E-bay )
you should go to http://www.tikishark.com sooner than later
or they'll be all gone!

Big Mahalo!

Aloha Tiki Tribe!

"Ka-Koa and the Talking Spear"
Original Drawing by Brad "Tiki-Shark" Parker
pencil and charcoal on heavy paper, 8.5" x 11"

original art for sale at http://www.tikishark.com

This drawing is inspired by the Hawaiian Myth of "The Magic Talking Spear".

The Magic Talking Spear & the prince who welded it against a sinister sea-monster,

The Myth of “The Magic Talking Spear”.
The Spear talks to who’s welding it, telling them how to win in battle.
A chief’s son, Ka-ui-lani, inherits the talking spear and uses it in several adventures to help his father and save his people.

Ka-ui-lani welds the spear in a battle against a giant sea-kupua ( monster ) from beneath the waves that has been harassing his father’s village.
It’s beaten his father soundly and chased the people up-land away from the ocean.

The spear tells Ka-ui-lani how to out-wit & defeat the fishy beast from beneath the waves - the Sea-Kupua.

Ka-ui-lani is taught by the magic weapon to carve several life-sized Hawaiian soldiers / warriors (known in Hawaiian as: ka-koa) made of a special wood (acacia koa). The supernatural weapon uses more magic to bring the wooden Hawaiian soldiers (the Ka-Koa,) to life... just like animated skeletons in a Ray Harryhausen movie!

After that, the Prince, the talking spear, and the Ka-Koa wait for the right moment to confront the monstrous sea-kupua. The Talking Spear directs the prince and the Ka-Koa in a battle against the slippery sea-kupua. The magic Spear tells the prince and the wooded warriors to synchronize their attacks.

The ocean creature is a huge fish-thing that can create enormous waves, and breathes like a huge bellows creating gigantic steam clouds an& sea-mist.
The monster is as smart as any human &has the power of speach. The prince taunts the fierce-fish-beast until it is enraged. The talking spear whispers to the prince how to escape the clutches of the sea-kupua every time it attacks him.

Overcome with anger, the beast makes a mistake in battle.

It's soon trapped in a shallow water lagoon by the Ka Koa / soldiers. Together with the prince and his magic weapon, they defeat it.

These “life-sized wooden images of warriors” that come to life, I wonder if they ARE, or if they somehow relate to TIKIS.
I’ve heard that most tikis stand in the “wrestler’s pose”, to appear more threatening. Seems natural for carved wooden Hawaiian soldiers to look much the same as many Tikis. Yet we may never know for sure, as these mysteries are lost in space and time as ancient cultures fade & disappear as quickly as "Don the Beach Comber Restaurants n' Tiki Bars".

Anyways, this marvelous myth made for great reading & much inspiration for making ART.


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The KAAN TOOK Tiki Mug supply is almost GONE!
CLICK your okole over to tikishark.com & grab
the “so-long” S A L E price on the last KAAN TOOK
tiki mugs! Get ‘em now ~ or Valentine’s Day’s gonna’
find U with no mug - all broken hearted! (sniff-WHAA!)

~ go to http://www.tikishark.com
Good Luck & good hunting!

Aloha Tiki Tribe!

New Item - well an older item I got creative with and grabbed a paint brush and started playing with till it came out really swanky.
The "Mystic Tiki Joe Stand-em-Up"

15" tall x 1" thick mounted on a 5" x 4" maple wood base.
His glowing warm orange happy expression was hand painted on by me -
the perfect companion to help heat up any Home Tiki Bar
this winter!

He's a traveler from afar and ready to set the decor in your
Tiki Hut with just the right original-one-of-a-kind mo-jo.

Interested in having smiling "Mystic Tiki Joe" in your Enchanted Tiki Room?
go to http://www.tikishark.com

Mystic Tiki Joe comes Signed by the artist.
There's only one, this one, I painted in Happy
Warm ORANGE, so good luck...
and... MAHALO!

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Aloha Tiki Tribe~

So February 20th is "LOVE YER PET DAY!"


Some one sent me an e-mail saying that, so, jeepers creepers, it's gotta' be true.
And on New Years I adopted a very happy little dog.

Therefore, if you check out http://www.tikishark.com you'll find some Pet-ticularly sweet sales!

Like a couple more of these unique hand painted stand-up "tikis"

After I had such fun painting the first stand-up TIKI, I went hunting for more cause I was pretty sure I had seen some unpainted jobs in a box...

In a box that was 'under' the studio part of the house... I discovered some more wooden stand-up tikis.

Yep, I was crawling around under the house.
Under the Tiki Art Studio through old scuba tanks, boxes I had not opened since the move to the Big Island, a plastic milk crate full of CD's I forgot I had - almost a complete collection of KISS, White Zombie to Rob Zombie, and Alice Cooper albums, and 'HOO-RAY!!" ...that CD of the best of Gene Rains I thought I'd lost!

All the while my new dog, "Mister Kanji", was running around thinking, like everything else, it was some new kinda' dog & human game.
(you gotta' LOVE little happy dogs)

Most of da' houses in da' tropics stand-up off da' ground in case of heavy rains
(which happen briefly about every other day)

I guess raised dwellings are supposed to help keep big fat island rats an' other vermin out. But, boy, THAT does not work.
I made sure "Mister Kanji" didn't eat any of these we found, but it was difficult searching and getting a face licking at the same time.

...or lava flows.
(which happen not quite so often)

Anyways, check out da' web site for new drawings, I'm working on a painted skate deck, I got three canvases going right now, and such...
(OH yeah! A new Meso-American tiki mug - being designed with my favorite Mexican/Hawaiian tiki-artist in the works!)

Big ALOHA & happy "PET-LOVER DAY" from me & my new adopted pal "Mister Kanji" !

Guess what day it is?


It's also Don the Beachcomber's 113th Birthday!
To celebrate this fact I am offering only through my web site a limited edition Don the Beachcomber Sounineer Tiki Mug.



Logo (my version)

Side and front
side & front

Color = brown glaze, black details,

Each of this limited edition will be incased in a hand made shipping crate
a swanky decal will be on the bottom

This is a PRE-ORDER for the lucky 113 who will get one of these signed and numbered mugs
All Mug numbers are first come first serve, and no determined numbers will be available.

To PRE-ORDER one of these limited editions, go to http://www.tikishark.com

Aloha Tiki Tribe!

One of the most important things in making art is getting the right focus in the proper mental place to actually make Art.

The best tricks I've come up with is to "quiet the Monkey Brain" by sitting in a comfy chair, painting something with guidelines, and having a pleasant view to the out doors.
Often. you come up with some really great stuff you can also sell on your web site as well...

Check out the Mystic Tiki Joes...

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Aloha Tiki Tribe!
Only a few of this special edition are remaining.

• Tiki Mug PRE-sale available for a limited time exclusively through my website only.

• Each mug is personally signed by me (The Artist) and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

• Each Mug will be shipped in a custom-designed locally made wooden crate and a reusable gift box.
.......click below for more details.

Mahalo for your support of my Art, you RAWK!

Big Aloha!
Brad ( Tiki-Shark) Parker

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