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Is anyone looking to get rid of lights, tables or anything along that line from the Kahiki? Would also love to find the blueprints. Please let me know what you have and how much!


That’s a pretty hefty shopping list. The two threads below this one are a good place to start. Tikiskip is the resident expert for all things Kahiki. I’m sure he could help with some info. Good luck


There was a thread about a person selling blueprint copies of the Kahiki on eBay.

It got all weird where they were copies maybe they were, the seller was a guy that knew these people then those people said we don't know him.

So I was going to point you to that thread and that thread is gone I have a date of a post that was on that thread but that's it.

I have never had a thread removed from TC but do know of at least one other thread being removed.
Same people involved.

Good luck they are out there, I do remember Kohalacharmes was a person that wanted to buy them as I think I PMed him about them.
Maybe he can help.

On 2014-08-04 09:51 XXXX XXX XXXX wrote:

The ebay seller wrigh_owe (1 ) or
Not really sure how one can tell. They look original to me and appear to be complete. The details are crisp and easy to read ( I included a couple of pictures of pages to show the level of detail). There are some signs of wear on the edges....Without a doubt they have been well taken care of.

Thanks Tikiskip! I would love to have a copy to frame.


I think a lot of people would love a copy, or for someone to put those to work and make a new one. I have heard about the plans before locally but have never seen them.


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