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The Magic Forest, a kiddie amusement park in Lake George, NY, recently sold to a new owner who didn't want most of the hundreds of statues on the property. I bought up the few remaining somewhat tiki items. There wasn't much of that to begin with. I don't know what company made any of these and would appreciate any info.

This one is about six feet tall, including the metal pole. The material seems to be either heavy foam or wood composition.

This Olmec-like one is shorter, about four feet

Both of the above had been placed outdoors along a safari trail ride and sat on these wood stave cylinders.

And there's this fiberglass cylinder. It's a couple feet tall and open on top like a basket but has a floor. Perhaps it was supposed to be a drum?


And another classic attraction goes by the wayside. Good on you for saving them!

Great score! Thanks for saving some vintage goodness.

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