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Bahi Hut canvas prints--Very Limited

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We recently reframed two important pieces in the Bahi Hut art collection. And while out of the frames I had high rez scans done so we could digitally restore them.
The first was the Gil Elvegren sketch of our Hula Girl. If you did not know the name already, Gil Elvegren was the premier pin-up artist in the late 50's and early 60's. His stuff adorns countless calendars and match book covers, usually something like a girl with the wind blowing up her skirt or a dog running off with her bikini top. Gil lived on Siesta Key at the time, only a few miles from the Hut, and he did an original charcoal sketch and signed it "This Hut's for You--Gil Elvegren". Some think our Hula Girl is model Janet Rae who posed for a lot of his work. All the scratches and stains from 50 years of smoking have been removed and she is as fresh as the day she was sketched.
The second is a historical photo of the Hut, taken in 1957, with the patrons decked out in mink stoles and suit jackets. This photo has been the guide to the restoration efforts and it is important to note that almost all the elements in this photo are still in the exact same places, including the Hula Girl, and even the brass candle stick holders above the bar. It will be digitally restored and a copy put on display so we can protect the original from further fading.
I am making 10 canvas prints of each one, 18"X 18" printed with archival inks and they are available for $275 each. If you would like either of them please contact me to reserve one.

The Hula girl has more subtle shading than is visible on this low rez jpg.

I just discovered your post. I would love to purchase a canvas print of Gil Elvgren’s Hula Girl if one were still available.

Thanks and best wishes.

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