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Tiki Tango , Atlanta , GA (bar)

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Name:Tiki Tango
Street:57 13th st

Aloha tiki tribe!
I just finished designing and building a new three story tiki bar in the heart of Midtown Atlanta - Tiki Tango! Over 6 months in build out and filled with authentic artifacts from PNG and other cool vintage items from all over the world. I also hand carved many tikis including two 10 ft cedar columns located on the main deck. A lava wall that is home of the Ku I carved out of a palm tree. We have the Tango room in the basement - Tigers Den VIP lounge on the Main Deck and the Flamingo room upstairs. Killer cocktails and loads of live entertainment is starting to fill the schedule.

Aloha Tikirancher! My wife and I made it out to your establishment last week and we loved it. We went to TV's, Tiki Tango, Tiki Iniki, and S.O.S. but yours was our favorite spot. The cocktails were well made and tasty, and the crab rangoon dip was fabulous. I believe the gentleman behind the bar's name was Steven (sorry if i'm wrong, it was a long night) and he was a pleasure to talk to and very knowledgeable. He made the experience that much better. Even though it was a Wednesday night and the upstairs and downstairs areas were closed, he was good enough to give us a quick tour of the areas. We know that if we make it back to Atlanta, that we'll be sure to come back to Tiki Tango for some Aloha. We thank you for a great time and wish you much success! And I look forward to the release of your house mugs. I'll be ordering one online as soon as I know they're available!


You did it just the right way! Tiki-Tango is awesome earlier in the week (weekend nights it gets really clubby and high energy..not bad, but definitely not nice and chill). Did you get to try (or did they mention) the house blend of rum they just got from Independent Distilling co in Atlanta?
It's tasty.

The deconstructed crab rangoon is my favorite app too! Cheers!

Unfortunately, Tiki Tango has shut down due to plans to have the building razed in favor of a high-rise. The team is looking to relocate.

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