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Tiki Rancher latest carves

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Aloha y'all,
Been a busy year and wanted to share some of my latest work with the tribe. Enjoy and let me know if need something for your commercial or home bar. I started making larger than life foam sculptures as well that are perfect for the pool deck or backyard. I use palms, cedar and cherry for my traditional pieces. Call the Rancher 404-247-0881 Mahalo

cy posted on Tue, Mar 26, 2019 8:07 AM

Always fantastic, clean carves TR!

Beautiful work!


Nice job TR! Great to see some new posts from you. Love the style of your carves.

Those are all excellent!

You're getting pretty good at this whole carving thing! Keep up the great work!

mahalo y'all - appreciate the love. Come see me at Hukilau for the first time....I'm in spaces 12-13 bringing some big ones.

Aloha y'all,
Wanted to update the pics of the pair of cannibals that went to Tiki Tom Tom in Durham NC - Mucho Mahalos Tom. These guys were 12 ft once conjoined - what a fun carve. Who's next?

Very cool! This picture is deceptive, the bottom guy looks much taller than the top guy but side by side shows they are the same.

I hope those are foam or they would weigh a ton!

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