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Moderators? We don't need no stinking Moderators ...

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Or perhaps we do.

With the hectic projects I've been working on I've had little time to moderate Tiki Central. Sure I hop in and read and post, but I can't hit every thread. Neither can Mig (who's also very busy these days).

So, do we need more moderators? I'm not talking about just locking topics, but moving topics to the correct forums, fixing broken/incorrect bb code, etc.

Opinions, please!

Thanks all.


My opinion is that we don't need more moderators. As it currently stands, you and Mig have been moderators forever and thus are respected to edit/delete/move as you see fit. If we added someone else to do that their authority might be questioned.

You are sort of like the boss. The rest of us are the workers. If one of us was promoted into a position of authority over others who were part of the peer group they might have difficulty in two ways.

One* Their authority may not carry the same weight and
Two* they may no longer be accepted as part of the peer group.

Since this is a social forum, it is often the reason and logic of the group that dictates what is and is not acceptable. When someone conflicts with the logic of the group, they are often chewed up and spit out by the collective opinion.

Just think of how many times a new member and suspected spammer has been layed to waste in a matter of hours. You never even had to say a word.

Those are my thoughts

Keep up the good work Hanford and Mig

[ Edited by: Monkeyman on 2003-08-28 21:49 ]

I personally haven't felt like things were slack, so I don't feel like we need another. However, I'm PERfectly happy to accept whomever you might choose, should you yourself(selves) feel the need.

Sabu got added on to Locating Tiki, right? No problema there. I'm sure there are other qualified, stable folks out there who'd be willing to help should the need arise, and I would hope no petty jealousies would rear their ugly heads.

I am not volunteering. (But I bow to those that work so hard!!)

TIKI: Now, more than ever

[ Edited by: Formikahini on 2003-08-28 23:17 ]

Hey Monkeyman,
Thanks for the feedback. Let me clarify something here though, I think the moderators would do more of just maintainence, like moving topics that are in the wrong forum. Decisions like whether or not a topic should be locked, or what gets deleted vs. locked, etc would still be up to me (I'm a Type A person that way! :) )

Again, thanks for your comments. I'm interested in whether or not people think there's too much posting-in-wrong-forums, broken formatting code, and whatnot, too.


Since you brought it up...The posting of topics in the wrong forum is a pet peeve of mine. But I've sucked it up and learned to deal with it. If I had a fast machine I'd happily volunteer for the filing duties. Since I don't, I would try and send an e-card on Secretary's Day to whoever took on the task.


Moderators - no. Minions - perhaps. The day to day machinations of any web-based endeavor can be numbing. I know, I do web design and maintain a fair number of sites of academic nature. What might be helpful is simply "staff," folks who would take direction and do housekeeping chores for the site. Decisions such as locking topics, creating new forum areas, etc. would be left to the current monarchy, who would also monitor things and provide general direction. Dunno...


All Right, all right! I can hear the hue and cry for Tiki Bong to become the 'Tiki Central Scrutinizer Moderator'!

Jeez, you could have just asked me directly.

I know you all didn't want to impose on Bong's busy schedule of inflaming paranoia, inciting riots, antagonizing small animals, checking 12 items in the 10 item line (then asking if I can pay with a third-party out-of-state check with no ID), driving nude, licking catsup bottles in local restaurants, and peeing on the toilet paper rolls in restroom stalls, But... OK I accept.

Hanford, please ship me my official hat and uniform, my secret de-coder watch, my X-ray glasses, my anti-gravity gun, and my official handshake and password instructions ASAP!


Mr Tiki H. Bong

Hanford, you are the one who has to decide if you need another moderator. I'm all for giving you a break, jeez, you don't even get paid for this. My view is, get another moderator, you deserve it.

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