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Travel Channel's "World's Best" series

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Who here has seen this show? I checked out their web site and saw episode titles covering grand things like "World's Best Pyramids Outside of Egypt" and "World's
Best Beaches" but I also saw episode titles covering less exotic things like "World's Best Flea Markets" or "Best Prison Museums You Can Visit."

I think it would be appropriate if I wrote to them and suggested a "World's Best Places for Tiki Culture" episode (or some-such).

Sooooo, here I am at Tiki Central, wondering what other Tiki Centralites would suggest for their top 10 lists. What places would you guys suggest?

My favorite was the top 10 best bathrooms. The men's bathroom in the Madona Inn was something like #4. They featured a Chicago (I think) club where the ladies room had a full bar and the bartender sings opera!


I was watching travel channel this morning and some show called "Girl goes Hawaii" or something. The whole show was about Hawaiiana and they showed some tiki's but never said anything about them


My top ten of open places I've been to in order of best first (judging by atmosphere, drink quality, service):

  1. Mai Kai
  2. Trader Vic's Emeryville or Beverly Hills
  3. Bahooka
  4. Tonga Room
  5. Tiki Ti (would be #2 for drink quality)
  6. The Alibi
  7. Trader Dick's
  8. Mrsmiley's basement
  9. Sam's Seafood
  10. Royal Hawaiian / Damon's / Islands at Hanalei Hotel (tie - OK, so I cheated and put 12 down)

Top ten open places I have not been to that I want to go to (no particular order):

  1. Polynesian Room, Vancouver (I know it's closed but it is still there so I'm hoping)
  2. Jasmine Tree, Portland
  3. Hala Kahiki, Chicago
  4. Omni Hut, Smyrna, TN
  5. Honolulu, DC
  6. Jardin Tiki, Montral
  7. Kowloon, Saugus, MA
  8. Chan's Dragon Inn, Ridgefield, NJ
  9. Trader Vic's, London
  10. Bali Hai, Santiago
    Please inform me if any of these have closed.

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