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I have looked forward to meeting Jeff Berry for over a decade. Found myself headed to Phoenix today and snagged a pass to his Planters Punch seminar. I filled my bag with his books hoping for an autograph. I headed to BWI airport filled with glee. Then Southwest delayed my flight. Arrived to late to make it. I am so depressed. No time to make any of the other events. Please raise a beverage in my place.

Life's Too Short To Drink a Bad Mai-Tai.


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Augh! That rots.

It won't make it too much better, but be sure to submit an official complaint with Southwest; you might at least get some kind of credit. Tell them they caused you to miss a very important/ once-in-a-lifetime meeting.

They canceled 2 flights in 4 days for us recently. Doesn't really help, but we at least got a partial credit toward a future flight (which we may or may not use.) I don't recommend booking with them until you're sure the mechanic's contact is finalized and MAX plane issues are solved.

PS - The Beachbum is a really nice guy; if you happen to see him around, say hello and ask to have your things signed if possible. He'd probably be happy to meet you.
Sorry SW screwed you up!

That sucks :( But you've got the rest of the weekend to enjoy. Don't let the SW buzzards get you down!

PS your signature photo is missing the / before the last IMG - [/IMG]

He will be at the book signing on Sunday.

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