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Happy take yer kid to work day!

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When I worked at OSU on take yer kid to work day when I was talking to one kid he said "My dad is norm" And I said "oh he is dating Barb the girl I work with"
He said "he is married to my mom"

Ha! I thought he was divorced.
When they say they are dating they leave out the part where they are still married.
Heck found out later that Barb was even still married!
Damn who knew!

I stopped talking about who was dating who.

In fact many of the people there had people they were dating and were still married, their little darlings all playing together and never knew.

Barb asked me once "so you never cheated on you wife" "no I said" it was like I told her I don't eat food.
Something so hard to believe.

The kids watched TV and ate food running around playing all day, really doing the same thing their parents did all day while they were at "work" the whole time I worked there.
At least the TV kept them out of the kitchen so the few workers could work.

The TV also came in handy for their parents during the not take your kids to work days as it kept them from distracting the workers from working day to day and they could watch Jerry Springer and go NUTZ when a big trashy fight broke out on TV.

Or maybe The Maury Povich Show and his "who's the baby daddy"
Be glad they did not touch your food.

I will never forget take your kid to work day at OSU.

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