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Miniature Pacific Seas tiki hut

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Special commission for the daughter of a former Clifton’s employee. 1/12 scale (1 inch = 1 foot).

I only had two surviving pictures of Mrs. Von’s hut for reference and wasn’t able to replicate the floor tile pattern from the Pacific Seas, so I hope I’ve done it justice. (For the hut floor, I scaled down pictures of surviving tile work at Clifton’s Brookdale. If nothing else, it’s period correct.)

Friendly warning to anyone who undertakes a tiny tiki hut: bamboo can splinter like crazy at this scale. And my cutting tools made bamboo bits fly everywhere. I could very well be finding bamboo bits for months.

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TU posted on Wed, May 8, 2019 7:49 AM

That is awesome! Where did you find the matting?

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Thank you! I made the matting - found a good, clear picture, cleaned it up in Word, tiled it, and printed it out.


Fantastic build!! Your hut really turned out great. Working in small scale is a challenge for sure. I’ve done a few small scale builds myself and have developed a few techniques that may be of interest. Thanks for sharing.


Very cool!

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