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PNG shield how to

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Since there is no way for me here in The Netherlands to put my hands on a Asmat or PNG shield within my budget, I decided to make a reproduction myself.

I found really little info on the internet and only this old TC post, with actually no information on how to.

Any tips or ideas on how to start?
Thanks in advance,

Come to my carve class at Hukilau this year.
That would be a good start.

Looks like he's a little far away Will :lol:


FranNL, do you already carve other things, or will you be starting from ground zero?

I suggest finding Billy Crud on facebook and going through his posts and pictures. Some of the things he carves could be along the lines of what you want.
I’m thinking specifically of how he joins two 2x12 pieces of lumber lengthwise at a slight angle, then cuts it to a shieldlike shape, then carves a design into it.
The design may not be true authentic PNG, but most are PNG inspired.
Worth looking at, IMO.


Thanks guys for your answers. Will, unfortunately I will not be able to come to your workshop at Hukilau this year, way too far for me. 4WDtiki, I do have some carving experience but not much, back in art school more than 20 years ago. I did check Billy Crud work, looks great and is full of inspiration.

I do have this large piece of wood at home:

I was even considering the option of only do the painting without going first into the carving, or at least not going into the whole carving process but few carved details.

In the meantime I found this short film which I found really cool:

I will keep posting the progress, thanks again,


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