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Bali Hai Club, London, UK (other)

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Name:Bali Hai Club
Street:Streatham High Street, Streatham

The Bali Hai Club was a resturant cum nightclub above the Silver Blades Ice rink in Streatham, South West London.

Streatham Ice Rink opened in 1931 and was instrumental in promoting Ice skating as a pastime in London.

In 1966 The Bali Ha'i opened above the ice rink, due to England's draconian licencing laws it was open until a racy 1 am.

The Bali Ha'I was also a popular venue for upmarket wedding receptions as this period film shows.


In the 70s and 80s the Bali Ha'I was synonymous with Reggae music as it was home to one of the top-ranking sound systems in South London, Soferno B.

The Ice rink and club was demolished in 2011 but was thought to have closed some time before.

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Very cool!! Love that interior!!

There is also some footage here:


Bali Hai footage starts at the 5m15s mark with a lovely shot of the exterior.

My Mum used to frequent The Bali-Hi fairly often as she was from Streatham.
She remembers going with her friends after ice skating and loved the exotic décor and the music,(not reggae/ska at this time).
This was however, way before 1966, (was that a typo?) probably in the late 1950s or early sixties. In fact this place features a lot in an Edgar Wallace film: Ricochet! from 1963, you can see the décor, the bar and even the entrance stairs and sign, (sadly all in black and white). The Edgar Wallace films have had a re-run on UK TV 'Talking Pictures' channel and its worth a watch.
Trying to find out anything about this place, (from the armchair), is pretty difficult, so thanks Atomictonytiki!

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